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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Son of Yoshitomo Yoshiiye 1041 1108


(1201-14), revolt, execution

--Shigenari, pretends to be Yoshitomo

--Shitago (911-83), litterateur

--Tadaaki, in capture of Rokuhara

--Tametomo (1139-70), great warrior of Hogen tumult; exiled to Izu; advice not followed

--Tameyoshi, in Hogen, tumult

--Tomomasa, Maki's candidate for shogun, killed

--Toru (822-95), minister of the Left under Uda

--Toshikata (959-1027), poet, one of Shi-nagon

--Tsunemoto (894-961), Prince Rokusoh, founder of Seiwa Genji; in beginning of hostilities with Taira

--Wataru, husband of Kesa

--Yorichika (d. 1117), ancestor of Suruga Genji

--Yoriiye (1182-1204), succeeds (1199) as lord high constable and chief landsteward; as shogun (1202); killed by Tokimasa

--Yorimasa (1106-80), sides with Taira, killed

--Yorimitsu (944-1021), soldier; aids Michinaga; at Court

--Yorinobu (968-1048); governor of Xai, drives back Taira Tadatsune; helps Michinaga

--Yoritomo (1147-99), son of Yoshitomo; escapes after Heiji

war; war of 1180; army crushed; gains; quarrels with Yoshinaka; called to Kyoto; sent against Yoshinaka; relations with Yoshitsune; Bakufu independent of Court; memorial on manors; becomes sei-i tai-shogun; death and character; patron of Saigyo Hoshi; system imitated by Takauji

--Yoriyoshi (995-1048); in Nine Years' Commotion

--Yoshichika (d. 1117) rebellion put down by Taira Masamori

--Yoshihira, son of Yoshitomo

--Yoshiiye (1041-1108); great archer; called Hachiman Taro, in Nine Year's Commotion and Three Year's war; helps put down disorder of Enryaku-ji monks


--Yoshimitsu (10567-1127), founder of Tada Genji; in Three Years' War

--(Kiso) Yoshinaka (1154-84), revolts in Shinano-Kotsuke; quarrels with Yoritomo; defeats Taira at Tonami-yama; Go-Shirakawa joins; tries to get crown for Hokurika; death

--Yoshitaka marries Yoritomo's daughter; death

--Yoshitomo, supports Go-Shirakawa in Hogen tumult; joins in plot of Heiji; advice overruled by Nobuyori, killed; his sons; loses great land holdings

--Yoshitsuna (d.1134), brother of Yoshiiye

--Yoshitsune (1159-89), son of Yoshitomo, escapes after Heiji tumult; joins Yoritomo; sent against Yoshinaka; at Ichi-no-tani; wins battle of Yashima; relations to Yoritomo; attempted assassination; protected by Fujiwara Hidehira, suicide

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