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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Members of Privy Council Board under Daiho


(d. 1186); repeatedly defeated; joins Yoskinaka; Yoshinaka disapproves his choice to be governor of Bizen; summary criticism of him; turns to Yoshitsune, death

--Yukitsuna betrays Shishi-ga-tani plot (1177), 296; occupies Settsu and Kawachi (1183)

Mincho, called Cho Densu, (1352-1431), painter

Ming, Chinese Emperor, mission for Buddhist Sutras; dynasty, its fall

Mining, Ieyasu's efforts (1609) to develop

Ministers, system of three, under Daika; members of Privy Council Board under Daiho; Hideyoshi's system; council of, separated from shogun; senior and junior ministers

Mino, province, Oda defeat Saito in

Miroku (Sanskrit Martreya), stone image of, brought to Japan (584 A.D.)

Mirror, in myth of Sun-Goddess; one of Imperial insignia; bronze, in sepulchral remains

Mishchenko, Russian general, leads cavalry raid after fall of Port Arthur

Misumi, adherents of Southern Court, in Sanin-do

Mita, Korean architect

Mitigations (roku-gi) of penalty of Daiho code for rank, position and public service

Mito, Tokugawa of

justify;">Mitoshi, a Kami

Mitsubishi Company, first private dockyard

Mitsuhide see Akechi Mitsuhide

Mitsukuni see Tokugawa Mitsukuni

Mitsunobu (Tosa no M.), painter, founder of Tosa school of painting

Miura branch of Taira; plot against Hojo

Mitsuinura (d. 1247), suicide

--Yasumara (1204-47), in war with Hojo


--Yoshizumi (1127-1200), in Bakufu

Miwa Sako, commander of palace guards

Miyake Atsuaki, contributor to Dai Nilon-shi

Miyoshi, scholars in Ashikaga administration; lecturers; in civil war of 1520-50; crush Hoshokawa; in Awa; attempt to take Kyoto

--Kiyotsura (847-918); memorial (914), on writing; Chinese scholar

--Masanaga, inheritance

--Miyoshi Motonaga

--Nagateru (d. 1520), guardian of Hosokawa Sumimoto and Takakuni; death

--Norinaga, called Chokei (1523-64), in civil war

--Yasunobu (1140-1221), son of Yoritomo's nurse; ancestor of Ota and Machino uji; in Bakufu council; advice at beginning of Shokyu struggle; death

--Yasutsura, with Hojo Yasutoki plans Joei code

--Yoshitsugu (d.1573), revolts in Settsu

Mizugaki, Sujin's court at

Mizuha, life time name of Emperor Hansho

Mizuno, governor of Nagasaki, persecutes Christians

--Echizen no Kami, prime minister of Ieyoshi, sumptuary laws and efforts at reform (1826)

Mochifusa see Uesugi Mochifusa

Mochihito, Prince, (1150-80), Yorimasa conspiracy

Mogami of Yamagata

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