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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Last epoch of Ashikaga shogunate

--Yoshiakira (1546-1614), one of Ieyasu's generals

Moho, variant name of Sushen or Toi

Momijiyama Bunko, Tokugawa library at Yedo

Mommu, 42nd Emperor (697-707), Prince Karu, accession; succession and plan to move capital

Momokawa see Fujiwara Momokawa

Momonoi family favours Tadayoshi

Momo-yama, "Peach Hill," in Fushimi, Hideyoshi's palace; last epoch of Ashikaga shogunate; palace destroyed (1596); Ieyasu's castle taken (1600)

Momozono, 116th Emperor (1735-62)

Mon, coin

Mongaku, priest, originally Endo Morito, aids Yoritomo

Mongol, subdivision of yellow race; fold of eye; invasion

Monju-dokoro, Bakufu department of justice; in administration of Kyoto after Shokyu war; power passes to Hyojoshu; in Muromachi administration

Monkey, worship of; female divinity

Mononobe, palace guard; uji of Kwami class, important especially in Yuryaku's reign; oppose Buddhism

Moriya, o-muraji, killed by Soga; their rivalry; opposes Buddhism; supports Anahobe; final contest with Soga; property

--Okoshi, o-muraji; opposes Buddhism

Montoku, Emperor (851-58), chronicle of reign

Montoku Jitsuroku, National History

Monto-shu, Shin sect

Moon, Kami of

Moonlight festivals

Mori Arinori, Viscount (1847-89), minister of public instruction, assassinated

Mori family, rapid rise in power; Ashikaga Yoshiaki turns to

--Hidemoto (1579-1650), in Ishida's army

--Motonari (1497-1571), wins power of Ouchi

--Motonori (1839-96), of Choshu, leader of extremists, expelled from Kyoto

--Nagayoshi (1558-84), general of Hideyoshi

--Rammaru, lieutenant of Nobunaga

--Terumoto (1553-1625) loses central Japan to Hideyoshi; Akechi Mitsuhide joins; peace with Hideyoshi; senior minister; signs Hideyoshi's laws; favours Ishida, leads his army; loses estates

Morihito, Emperor Nijo

Morikuni, Prince (1301-33), shogun, (1308-33)

Morimasa see Sakuma Morimasa

Morinaga, Prince, (1308-35), called Oto no Miya, son of Go-Daigo, and his defender; commander-in-chief; death

Moriya see Mononobe Moriya

Morosada, Prince, see Kwazan

Moroya, chief of Otomo, o-muraji

Morrison, American ship in Yedo, 1837

Mother-of-pearl and lacquer

"Mother's Land," Shiragi, Korea

Motien Mountains, Russian campaign planned in

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