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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Branch of Fujiwara in Kwanto Sukeyori


(1476-1559), painter, Kano school

Motoori Norinaga (1730-1801), Shinto revival; quoted; on Shinto dualism

Mourning colour, white, earlier, black; customs; periods of, varying with rank

Moxa, medicinal herb, touch of, defilement

Mu Hsi, painter

Mukden, Russian railway through; battle of (1905)

Muko, Fukuhara harbour

Mukuhara, Buddhist temple at

Mulberry, early culture; used with hemp to make cloth; order for cultivation (472 A.D.); planting of, condition of tenure of upland

Multa, King of Kudara, stories of his cruelty told of Emperor Muretsu

Munemara, chief of trade

Munetada see Tokugawa Munetada

Munetaka, Prince (1242-74), shogun in 1252-66

Munetake see Tokugawa Munetake

Munro, N. G., on Japanese archaeology; imibe; rice-chewers; coins

Muraji, "chief," title; applied to pre-conquest (Shimbetsu) rulers; o-muraji, head of o-uji; inferior title in Temmu's peerage

Murakami, 62nd Emperor (947-67)


Genji, branch of Minamoto

--Yoshihiro, of Iyo province, pirate chief

--Yoshikiyo (1501-73), driven from Kuzuo by Takeda Shingen

--Yoshiteru impersonates Morinaga

Murasaki Shikibu (d. 992), writer of Genji Monogatari

Muravieff, Nikolai Nikolaievich (d. 1881), Russian commander in Far East, claims (1858) Saghalien

Murdoch, J., quoted on Tadatsune's ravages of Kwanto; on Heian epoch; weakening of Fujiwara power; Bushi of Kwanto; Joei code; downfall of Bakufu; feudalism in war of dynasties; literati in Ashikaga administration; Kamakura rule in Kai, Izu and Mutsu; revolt of 1443

Muretsu (Buretsu), 25th Emperor (499-506)

Muro Nawokiyo, or Kyuso, (1658-1734). Confucianist, historian of "47 Ronins"; adviser to shogun

Muromachi, part of Kyoto, administrative headquarters of Ashikaga; Ashikaga shoguns at

Musashi, immigrants from Koma settle in; war of Taira and Minamoto in; Hojo and Uesugi in

Mushroom picking

Music, Korean and Buddhist; and poetry; in Heian society; joruri

Muso Kokushi, "National Teacher," or Soseki (1271-1346), scholar; head of Tenryuji

Muto, branch of Fujiwara in Kwanto

--Sukeyori, founder of Shoni family

Mutsu, 5 provinces, in Nara epoch, N. E. and N. littoral; the Nine Years' Commotion (1056-64) in; Three Years' War (1089-1091) in; (O-shu) part of 0-U, 388; peaceful under Kamakura rule; revolt of 1413 in; in 16th century wars; silk growing; famine of 1783-6 in

--branch of Fujiwara, descendants of Fujiwara Kiyohira; give Yoshitsune asylum; crushed by Yoritomo (1189)

Mutsuhito, (posthumous name, Meiji), 122nd Emperor (1867-1912); seal

Myochin Nobuiye, metalworker and armourer

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