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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Guardian of Hojo Takatoki Takashige

Myocho, Zen priest

Myoe (or Koben), bonze, quotation from his biography on Yasutoki

Myogaku-ji, temple

Myong see Song Wang Myong

Myoo, priest

Myoshin-ji, Zen temple, W. of Kyoto

Myosho, (109th) Empress (1629-43), Princess Oki, daughter of Go-mizu-no-o and Tokugawa consort

Mythology; rationalistic explanation of, by Japanese

Nabeshima Naoshige (1537-1619), invasion of Korea

Nagahama, Omi, headquarters of Hideyoshi

Nagakude, battle of

Nagamasa see Asai Nagatnasa and Asano Nagamasa

Nagamori see Masuda Nagamori

Nagao Kagetora see Uesugi Kenshin

Nagaoka, Yamashiro, capital

--uji, of princely descent

Nagasaki, port; church, trade, growth; Jesuit church seized by Francisans; missionaries receive patent; Martyrs' Mount; execution of De l'Assumption and Machado; "Great Martyrdom"; trade; Pessoa at; Dutch and English confined to; Dutch factory; Russians come to (1804); Glynn and the Preble; Americans allowed to trade; military college at

--Enki, guardian of Hojo Takatoki

--Takashige, suicide, 386

--Takasuke (d.1333), minister of Takatoki; dethrones Go-Daigo

Nagashino, castle

Nagasune, governor of Yamato

Nagato, fortifications at, (1280)

Nagatoshi, name given to Nawa Nagataka

Nagauji see Hojo Soun

Nagaya (684-729), minister of the Left

Nagoya, in Hizen, base of operations against Korea; castle of

Nai-mul, king of Shiragi (364), first sends tribute to Yamato

Naka, Prince, son of Kogyoku; passed over, in succession; interregnum; Great Reform; expedition to Korea; Emperor Tenchi

Nakachiko, Oshiwa's servant

Nakahara family, scholars, secretaries in Bakufu; in Ashikaga administration; lecturers

--Chikayoshi (1142-1207) in Yoritomo's Bakufu; nominated; high constable at Court, but not appointed; in Bakufu council; ancestor of Otomo family of Kyushu

--Kaneto, rears Yoshinaka; his four sons, Yoshinaka's guards

Nakai Seishi establishes school in Osaka

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