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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Five composed in Heian epochNature WorshipNavarrete


see Abe Nakamoro and Fujiwara Nakamaro

Nakamura Hiyoshi see Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Nakane Genkei, mathematician, translates Gregorian calendar into Japanese

Nakanomikado, 114th Emperor (1710-35)

Nakano, suburb of Yedo, dog-kennel in

Naka-Nushi, "Central Master"

Nakasendo, Central Mountain road, completed early in 8th century

Nakashi, wife of Okusaka

Nakatomi family, court priests; descended from Koyane; guardians of 3 insignia, and of Shinto ceremonials; oppose Buddhism, and Soga

--Kamako, muraji, opposes Buddhism

--Kamatari see Fujiwara Kamatari

--Kane, muraji, minister, in conspiracy against Oama (Temmu)

--Katsumi, muraji, killed (587 A.D.)

Nakatsu, Prince

Nakaye Toju (1608-48), Confucianist, follower of Wang Yang-ming

Namamugi incident

Nambu family

--Saemon opposes Ieyasu

Names and naming, Japanese system; territorial


now Osaka, capital of Emperor Nintoku; Buddhist temple, (579); immigrants from Kudara; administration, Settsu-shoku, under Daiho; removal of capital to, by Kotoku; trade in Heian epoch

Nanko, see Kusunoki Masashige

Nankwa (16th Cent.), scholar

Na-no-Agata or Watazumi-no-Kuni, Japanese intercourse with

Naiishan, commanding Port Arthur

Nanzen-ji, Zen temple, 454; one of the "Five"

Nara, Yamato province, removal of capital to (709 A.D.); the Nara epoch (709-84); the Nara image of Buddha; city officials, revenues from public lands appropriated for, 775 A.D.; Kusu and Fujiwara Nakanari attempt to make it capital again; power of armed monks controlled by Yoshinori; rebel against Yoshimasa; Takauji tries to check

Nariaki see Tokugawa Nariaki

Narimasa see Sasa Narimasa

Narinaga, Prince (1325-38), kwanryo of Kwanto; shogun at Kamakura

Narita Kosaburo assists Go-Daigo

Nariyuki see Tokugawa Nariyuki

Nasu family, one of "8 Generals of Kwanto"

"National Histories, Six" covering years 697-887 A.D.; five composed in Heian epoch

Nature Worship

Navarrete, Alonso (1617), Spanish Dominican, executed by Omura

Navigation; see Ships

Navy, Japanese, in Mongol invasion; in invasion of Korea; naval College, Gunkan Kyojujo, at Tsukiji; modern organization; in war with China; in war with Russia

Nawa, adherents of Southern Court, in Sanin-do

Nagatoshi (d. 1336), helps Go-Daigo escape; provincial governor; commands against the Ashikaga; death

Nazuka Masaiye, in charge of land-survey

Needle, magic, as cure

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