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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Written Chronicles of Japan to 697 A


in Kii, firearms made at; headquarters of priests of Kii

Nei-issan see Ichinei

Nemuro, Russian ship in (1792)

Nengo, era or period, in chronology; different names in Northern and Southern courts

Nenoi Yukichika, one of Yoshinaka's four guards

Ne no Omi, messenger of Anko

Neo support Southern Court in Mino

Neolithic culture

Nestorian Christianity in China

Netsuke, (ill.)

New Spain, Mexico, ships from

New Year's celebration

Ng, Chinese writer on war (3d Cent, A.D.)

Nichira, Japanese at Kudara Court advises Bidatsu against Kudara

Nichiren, Buddhist sect dating from 13th century; its founder; war with other monks

Nigihayahi, uncle of Jimmu, overlord of Nagasune

Nihon Bummei Shiryaku, on early medicine

Nihon Kodaiho Shakugi, on Board of Religion

Nihon Koki, Later Chronicles of Japan (792-833)

Nihongi, Chronicle of Japan (720); on

Chuai and Jingo; after 400 A.D.

Nihonmatsu family

Nihon Shoki, Written Chronicles of Japan to 697 A.D. (720), revision of; continuations

Nijo, family founded by son of Fujiwara Michiiye, one of "Five Regent Houses"

Nijo, 78th Emperor (1159-66)

Castle, Kyoto, destroyed; officials of

Michihira (1287-1335), Go-Daigo's minister

Yoshimoto (1320-88), scholar and author

Nikaido in office of shitsuji; defeated by Date

Sadafusa opposes the regent (1331)

Nikki favour Takauji

Nikko, Shimotsuke province, shrine of Ieyasu and tombs in; annual worship at

Nikolaievsk, strategic situation

Nimmyo, Emperor (834-50); chronicle of his reign; luxury

Nine Years' Commotion, Zenkunen (1056-64)

Ningpo, trade with Japan; sacked by Japanese

Ninigi see Hikoho Ninigi

Ninken, 24th Emperor (488-98), Prince Woke

Ninko, 120th Emperor (1817-46)

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