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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Son of Yoshisada and provincial governor


16th Emperor (313-99); 7 provinces added by; consort, Takenouchi's granddaughter; love story; remits taxes

Nippon, "Sunrise Place"

Nira-yama, Hojo castle

Nishi Hongwan-ji, temple

Nishikawa Masayasu, astronomer under Yoshimune

Nishina-uji, branch of Taira family

Nishina Morito (d. 1221), Bakufu retainer, in Shokyu war

Nishino Buntaro, assassin (1889) of Viscount Mori

Nisi-no-shima, islet in Oki group

Nitta family, Yoritomo's attempt to win; adherents of Southern Court; crushed by Ashikaga Ujimitsu

--Yoshiaki (d. 1338), son of Yoshisada and provincial governor; suicide

--Yoshimune (1332-68), in defeat of Takauji

--Yoshioki (d. 1358)

--Yoshisada (1301-38) in Kyoto revolt; declares against Hojo, takes Kamakura; provincial governor; accuses Takauji of treason; commands army against Takauji; besieges Shirahata; escapes; faithful to Go-Daigo; death

--Yoshishige (d. 1202), ancestor of Tokugawa

Nittabe, Prince, residence of, site of Shodai-ji temple

justify;">Niuchwang taken by Japanese (1894)

Niwa Nagahide (1535-85), soldier of Nobunaga; councillor

No, dance and drama; Sadanobu regulates costume; masks

No-ami, artist, patronized by Yoshimasa

Nobility, primitive; administrative; growth of power at expense of Emperor; Daika attempts to distinguish from official ranks; titles of hereditary aristocracy annulled by Daika and estates escheated; nobles state pensioners; new titles under Temmu; influence of hereditary nobles against Daiho laws; court society in Heian epoch; in Meiji era; see Court Houses, Military Houses

Nobukatsu see Oda Nobukatsu

Nobunaga see Oda Nobunaga

Nobuteru see Ikeda Nobuteru

Nobuyoshi see Tokugawa Nobuyoshi

Nogi, Kiten, Count (1849-1912), commanding 3d Army, at Dalny; receives surrender of Port Arthur; at Mukden

Nomi-no-Sukune, suggests clay effigies instead of human funeral sacrifices; wrestler; ancestor of Sugawara family

No-niwa, moor-garden

Norimura see Akamatsu Norimura

Nori Sachhi see Tori Shichi

Norito, ancient rituals

Northeastern Japan, political importance of

North-east gate, the Demon's gate

Northern and Southern Dynasties; table; Northern in control

Northern Japan, more primitive culture of

Novik, Russian 2d-class cruiser at Port Arthur

Nozu, Michitsura, Count (1840-1908), commanding 4th Army; at Mukden

Nuns, Buddhist, Imperial princesses become

Nurses, provided for the Court by Mibu

Oama, younger brother of Naka (Emperor Tenchi), administrator during 7-year interregnum (661-668); appointed Tenchi's successor, declines in face of conspiracy; becomes Emperor Temmu

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