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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Grandson of Nobunaga Katsunaga 1568 82

Oba Kagechika (d. 1182), hems in Yoritomo and crushes his army

Oban, coin

Obi, in Hyuga, Chinese trade

Occupations, hereditary among prehistoric uji or families

Oda family, one of "8 Generals of Kwanto"; origin of family

--Hidenobu (1581-1602), grandson of Nobunaga

--Katsunaga (1568-82), death

--Nobuhide (d. 1549) aids Crown

--Nobukatsu, son of Nobunaga, in Ise; succession; Komaki war; peace with Hideyoshi; Hideyoshi's treatment; signs oath of loyalty

--Nobunaga (1534-82); seizes Ise; career; Hideyoshi serves under; wins Okehazama; alliance with Ieyasu and Shingen; Court appeals to; attitude toward Yoshiaki; practically shogun; makes peace; friendly to Christians; aids Ieyasu; death; character; currency reform

--Nobutada (1557-82), with Ieyasu destroys army of Takeda Katsuyori; death; succession

--Nobutaka (1558-83)

--Samboshi called Hidenobu (1581-1602), son of Nobutada, his successor

Odate, governor of Harima, and Oke and Woke

Odate Muneuji, killed in attack on Kamakura

Odawara, fortress of Hojo; Odawara-hyogi proverb of reluctance; attacked by Kenshin; surrenders (1590)

Oeyama Shutendoji, bandit

Office and official called by same name; and rank, family qualifications for, before Heiji commotion

Official or Court lands, kwanden, under Daiho laws

--rank and aristocratic titles distinguished by the Daika

--rules (kyaku) supplementing Yoro laws

Oga, eighth of the great uji, descended from Okuninushi

Ogawa, at Sekigahara

Ogigayatsu, family name taken by Uesugi Tomomune; feud with Yamanouchi; against Hojo

Ogimaru see Hashiba Hidekatsu

Oguchi, battle of, Hideyoshi defeats Shimazu Iehisa

Ogura, Mount, home of Fujiwara Sadaiye

Ogyu (or Butsu) Sorai (1666-1728), Confucianist, writes on "47 Ronin", and on government; revises code

Ohama, nobleman, placates fishermen

Ohatsuse, brother of Anko; apparently instigates murder of all between him and crown; succeeds as Yuryaku

Oiratsume, incestuous sister of Karu

Oishi Yoshiyo (1659-1703), leader of "47 Ronin" (1703)

Oiwa, general in Korea, tries to get throne of Kudara

Ojin, 15th Emperor (270-310); 21 provinces added in his reign; ship building; palanquin

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