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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Okabe Tadazumi kills Taira Tadanori at Ichi no taniOkagami


Tadazumi kills Taira Tadanori at Ichi-no-tani

Okagami, historical work

Oka-yama, castle in Bizen

Okazaki, in Mikawa, Ieyasu's castle in

Okazaki Masamune (1264-1344), swordsmith of Kamakura

Oke, Prince, see Kenso

Okehazama, battle (1560) victory of Nobunaga

Oki, Princess, see Myosho

Okimachi, 106th Emperor (1557-86); honours Kenshin, summons Nobunaga to Kyoto; Hideyoshi; decrees against Christianity

Okisada, see Sanjo

Okitsugu, see Tanuma Okitsugu

Okiyo, Prince, governor of Musashi

Okoshi, see Mononobe Okoshi

Oku Hokyo, Count (b. 1844) commanding 2d Army wins battle of Kinchou; and of Telissu; at Mukden

Okubo family, guards of Hakone barrier

--Tadachika (1553-1628) punished for disobedience to Military Law

--Toshimitsu (1832-78) of Satsuma, in alliance with Choshu; and Korean question; assassinated

Okuma Shigenobu, Count (b. 1838); organizes Progressist party; attack upon, retirement; invited into


Okuni-nushi, Kami, "Great Name Possessor"; ancestor of Oga-uji

Okura-no-Tsubone, Yodo's lady-in-waiting

Okusaka, uncle of Anko, accused of treason; Okusakabe formed in his honour

Okuyama Yasushige (d. 1651)

Omi, muraji, befriends Oke and Woke

Omi, "grandee", title, applied to chiefs of conquest, and to subjects holding court office; higher than muraji; inferior title in Temmu's peerage

Omi, immigrants from Kudara settle in; seat of court and place of issue of Omi statutes; capital moved to; Asai control; Buddhists help Asai in; rice grants

Omitsu, son of Susanoo, imports cotton from Korea

Omiwa, Kami of

Omura, fief in Hizen, represented in embassy to Europe of 1582

--Sumitada (1532-87) invites Jesuits to Omura in Hizen; a Christian, persecutes

Omura Sumiyori (d. 1619), persecutes Christians

O-muraji, head of o-uji or preeminent grandee; office held by Otomo and then Mononobe; political rivalry with o-omi; opposing Buddhism; property of, unimportant after the Daika; not in Temmu's scheme of titles

Onakatsu, consort of Inkyo

Onchi, or Yenchi, uplands, distinguished from irrigated rice land in Daiho code

Ondo no Seto, strait near Kobe

Onin, period, 1467-9, its records; civil war of; beginning of Sengoku Jidai

Onjo-ji, in Omi, temple of Jimon branch, of Tendai sect, built by Otomo Suguri; its armed men; its abbot Raigo; part played by monastery in Yorimasa conspiracy; burnt by Taira (1180)

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