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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Plots against Katagiri and Tokugawa

Ono Tofu, scribe

Ono Azumahito (d. 742), lord of eastern marches, builds castle of Taga

--Harunaga (d. 1615), son of Yodo's nurse, adviser of Hideyori; plots against Katagiri and Tokugawa; advises surrender of Osaka

--Imoko, Japanese envoy to China (607 A.D.)

--Yasumaro (d. 723), scribe; preface to Ko-jiki

--Yoshifuru, general of guards, crushes revolt of Fujiwara Sumitomo

Onogoro, mythic island in story of cosmogony

Ooka Tadasuke (1677-1751), chief-justice in Yedo; revises code

O-oku, harem

O-omi, pre-eminent ami, head of Kwobetsu-uji; rivalry with o-muraji; favour Buddhism; pre-eminent after death of Mononobe Moriya; title given by Soga Emishi to his sons; no longer important after Daika (645)

Operative regulations, Shiki, supplementing Yoro laws

Oracle, of Sun Goddess at Ise; War God at Usa

Orange (tachibana) seeds brought from China (61 A.D.); trees introduced

Ordeal; of fire; of boiling water, kugadachi; used in Korea by Keno; in questions of lineage

Organtino (1530-1609), Jesuit, Hideyoshi's treatment

Orloff, Russian general, ambuscaded at Liaoyang

Orpheus-Eurydice legend, Japanese parallel

Osabe, Prince Imperial, son of Konin, poisoned (772)

Osada Tadamune and his son Kagemune kill Minamoto Yoshitomo

Osadame Hyakkajo, Hundred Articles of Law

Osafune, swordsmith

Osaka, campaign from, against Sujin; Hideyoshi's castle; Chinese envoys; Franciscan convent; missionaries' residence; castle attacked; taken by Ishida; party of, refuse oath of loyalty to Tokugawa; castle partly destroyed; taken; vendetta illegal in; Nakai Seishi's school; rice exchange; jodai; traders crush English and Dutch competition; opened by Hyogo demonstration (1866)

Osaragi Sadanao, Hojo general, suicide (1333)

Osawa family, masters of ceremonies

Osazaki, life name of Emperor Nintoku

Oshihi, ancestor of Otomo chiefs

Oshikatsu, Rebellion of

Oshioki Ojomoku, code

Oshio Heihachiro (1792-1837) leads revolt after famine of 1836-7

Oshiwa, son of Richu, killed by Yuryaku

Oshiyama, governor of Mimana, recommends cession of part of Mimana to Kudara; territorial dispute of

Oshu, or Mutsu subjugated (1189); revolt of Ando

Ota Sukekiyo (1411-93), builds fort at Iwatsuki

Dokwan or Sukenaga (1432-86), builds fort at Yedo; aids Ogigayatsu branch of Uesugi

Otani, Nagamasa's castle

Oto, sister of Onakatsu, concubine of Inkyo

Oto, son of Tasa

Oto Miya see Morinaga

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