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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Tandai of Kyushu 1396 Satehiko



Otomo family, descent; gate-guards; in Kyushu; treatment of Xavier in Bungo; feudatory and son Christians; persecute Buddhists

--general, defeats Iwaki and Hoshikawa

--Prince, prime-minister (671); conspiracy against Oama, succession as Kobun

--Chikayo, tandai of Kyushu (1396)

--Satehiko, in Korea (562)

--Yakamochi (d. 785), anthology

--Yoshishige, called Sorin, (1530-87), in wars in Kyushu; defeated in Hizen, appeals to Hideyoshi

Otsu, port

Otsu, Prince, son of Temmu; rebels against Jito and is killed

Otsuki Heiji advocates foreign intercourse

O-U, O-shu (Mutsu) and U-shu (Dewa); in 16th century wars

Ouchi family of Suwo, and the revolt of 1399; conspires in behalf of Hosokawa Yoshitane; tandai; in charge of relations with Korea, and China; quarrel with Shogun; superintend pirates; scholarship; gifts to Throne; power in 16th century, taken over by Mori Motonari

--Masahiro, pirate leader

--Mochiyo (1395-1442)

--Yoshihiro (1355-1400), Muromachi general,

negotiates with Southern Court; slanders Imagawa Ryoshun; suicide

--Yoshinaga (d. 1557)

--Yoshioki (1477-1528), deputy kwanryo to Hosokawa Yoshitane; removes to Suwo

--Yoshitaka (1507-51), re-establishes (1548) trade with China; Chinese literature; defeated by Suye Harukata

Owari, province, Nobunaga in; fighting in Komaki war; Tokugawa of

Oyama, Iwao, Prince (b.1842), at Mukden

Oyamada Takaiye, sacrifice saves Nitta Yoshisada

Oye family could hold office above 5th rank; scholars; in Ashikaga administration

--Hiramoto (1148-1225), first president of man-dokoro; reforms (1185); sent to Kyoto after earthquake of 1185; in council of Bakufu; remonstrates with Sanetomo; urges offensive at beginning of Shokyu struggle; death

--Masafusa, general in Nine Years' Commotion; attempt to placate Raigo

--Tomotsuna, litterateur

O Yo-mei see Wang Yang-ming

Paddy-loom, introduction

Pagoda, 7-storey; 13-storey; many built by Shirakawa

Pahan-Hachiman, of pirate ships

Paikche, or Kudara, near Seoul, Japanese alliance with; artisans from

Paik-chhon-ku (Ung-jin), Japanese and Kudara army defeated by Chinese A.D.

Painting, Chinese, in Japan; and Korean; in years 540-640; in Nara epoch; in Heian epoch; in Kamakura period; in Muromachi period

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