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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Promised to Hideyoshi by Franciscans

Palace, ancient; consecration; in Nintoku's reign; Asuka; temporary, in burial; Kyoto palace burned and rebuilt; guards; officials; Yoshimitsu's; Yoshimasa's; Hideyoshi's

Palanquin, koshi, of 3rd century; one-pole, kago; legislation about; luxurious use of, in Genroku period


Palisades, early defence

Pattada, Russian cruiser at Port Arthur

Paper currency

Parkes, Sir Harry (1828-85), and Hyogo demonstration

Parks in Heian epoch in Kyoto; in Kamakura period; in Muromachi; see Landscape gardening

Parties, political, personal character of; opposition to cabinet; union of Liberals and Progressists

Partitions in houses

Parturition hut, ubuya

Paulownia, Imperial badge

Pavilion, Golden, of Yoshimitsu; Silver of Yoshimasa

Pawnshops, heavy taxes on

Peaches in myth of Izanagi and Izanami; Chinese origin of story

Peach Hill, Momoyama, Hideyoshi's palace

"Peerage," Japanese, Seishi-roku (814 A.D.)

Pehchili, in Boxer Rebellion

Peking, Japanese in march to, during Boxer Rebellion

Penal law and penalties, ancient; proto-historic; ritsu of Daiho and Yoro; in Joei code; in Tokugawa period

Perry, Matthew C. (1794-1858), Commodore, U.S.N., and treaty with Japan

Persecution of Buddhists, by Christians, influence Hideyoshi; of Jesuits after edict of 1587; of Franciscans; of Dominicans (1622); of Japanese Christians (1613); (1616), (1622), in Iemitsu's time

Perseus-Andromeda story, Japanese parallel

Pescadores, ceded by China (1895)

Pessoa, Andrea, blows up his ship at Nagasaki

Pestilence in reign of Sujin; in 1182; in 1783-6; displeasure of gods at adoption of Buddhism

Petition-box (meyasu-bako) and right of petition (645 A.D.); abuse of, pointed out in Miyoshi no Kiyotsura; petition bell in Kamakura; boxes re-introduced

Petropavlovsk, Russian battle-ship, sunk

Pets, cats and dogs

Pheasant in myth of Heavenly Young Prince

--White, Hakurchi, nengo or year-period, 650-4 A.D.

Philippine Islands, promised to Hideyoshi by Franciscans; Ieyasu's embassies to; conquest of, urged by Cocks, and by Matsukura and Takenaka; Japanese forbidden to visit; governor-general of, in Japan

Phung-chang, prince of Kudara

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