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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Captured end of 1904 Portsmouth


characteristics of Japanese

Piece, 40 ft., unit of cloth measure

Pine-bark for food

Pine trees in Yedo castle

Pirates in Shikoku, Fujiwara Sumitomo sent against; Japanese piracy in Muromachi epoch; and invasion of Korea

Pit-dwellers see Tsuchi-gumo

Pitszewo, landing-place of 2d Japanese army (1904)

Plum tree groves, 612; blossom festival

Poetry; Nara epoch; Heian; Chinese style; in battle; in Genroku era; bureau of; quoted; see Couplet Composing

Pohai, Korean kingdom of 8th century recognized by Japan as successor of Koma

Pok-ein, Kudara general, defeats Shiragi troops (660)

Police, doshin

--Board, Danjo-dai, duties taken over by kebiishi

--executive, kebiishi, (810-29)

Poltava, Russian cruiser at Port Arthur

Polygamy in early Japan

Polytheism of early Buddhism

Pontiff, ho-o, title taken by abdicating Emperor



Arthur, taken from Chinese (1894); Russian railway; Russian fleet at, crippled by Japanese; Japanese attack on, was it warranted?; fleet further crippled; harbour entrance blocked; movements toward; captured (end of 1904)

Portsmouth, Peace of, (text)

Portuguese in Japan; introduce fire-arms; Spanish jealousy of; Dutch and English intrigue against; instigate Christian revolt; edict of 1637 against; refuse grant in Yedo; monopolize early trade; end of trade

Post bells, suzu

Posthumous names; official rank first conferred

Posting stations

Potato, sweet, introduced

Powder, in costume

Prayer, magic, etc.

Preble, American brig, in Nagasaki (1847)

Prefectural government as opposed to feudal; prefecture or ken

Prices, official, (1735)

Priesthood, Buddhist, attempt to bring under law; armed priests; princes enter, except Crown Prince; temporal power; scholarship

--Catholic, Ieyasu's attitude; and see Jesuits, Franciscans, Dominicans, Augustins

--Shinto, early rules

Prime Minister, 85, development of political power; office first established (671)

Primogeniture in early times, Imperial; in the family; Imperial, established 696 A.D.

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