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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Great 645 Regent for grown Emperor


court costume, mark of highest rank; colour of Taira ensign

Red Monk, name given to Yamana Mochitoyo

Red walls

Reed, source of terrestrial life; boat in Japanese myth

Reform, Great (645)

Regent for grown Emperor, mayor of palace, kwampaku, office abolished after Kemmu restoration, in Tokugawa period; to minor, sessho; military, shikken

Regent Houses, Five, Go-Sekke

Registrar of Vessels

Registration of land

Reigen, 112th Emperor (1663-86); abdicates

Rein, J. J., on chronology

Reizei, 63rd Emperor (968-969), grandson of Fujiwara no Morosuke

Relief in crop-failure or sickness, under Daiho laws; for debtors; for sufferers from fire and tornado; for famine

Religion, early rites; rites reorganized; Emperor at head of; in protohistoric period; Board of; Miyoshi Kiyotsura's description; Yoritomo's attitude; in Muromachi period; Department of; and see Mythology, Shinto, Buddhism, Christianity

Ren, lady of Go-Daigo, conspires against Morinaga, for her son Tsunenaga


Shonin see Kenju

Restoration, of Kemmu era; of 1867

Return, English ship

Retvisan, Russian battleship at Port Arthur

Rhinoceros, fossil

Rice, castle; diet; culture; chewers, nurses; corporation of cultivators; for public use; standard of exchange; store-houses, for sale to travelers; loaned to farmers; substitute crops urged; boiled and dried, ration; paddy-loom; area cultivated, 15th century, beginning of 16th century; currency; relief tax on feudatories; production increased; rice exchange; classification of fields; modern crops

Richardson, English subject, killed in Namamugi

"Rich Gem," Princess, in myth of Hosuseri and Hohodemi

Richu, 17th Emperor (400-405 A.D.), first of "protohistoric" sovereigns

Right, Minister of

Rikken Seiyukai, "Friends of the Constitution"

Riparian improvements under Nintoku

Rituals, Ancient

River of Heaven, Milky Way

Rock, Sacred, on Kannabi mountains

Rodriguez, Joao (1559-1633), Portuguese Jesuit, interpreter at Yedo

Roju, seniors, cabinet; council of ministers, removed from proximity to shogun; and tax collecting; judges

Rokkaku, one of Five Regent Houses; Yoshihisa's campaign against

--Sadayori, see Sasaki Sadayori

--Takayori, see Sasaki Takayori

Rokuhara, n. and s. suburbs of Kyoto, offices of the Bakufu tandai; in Kyoto revolt

Rokujo, 79th Emperor (1166-1168)

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