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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Branch of MinamotoSagami province conquered by Hojo Soun


Kokushi, Six National Histories

Rokuon-ji, family temple of Yoshimitsu

Roku-sho-ji, Six Temples built by Shirakawa

Roman Empire, early trade with China

Ronin, free lances; revolt of; "47"


Rope, straw, in myth; paper-mulberry, used in fishing

Rosen, Roman Romanovitch, Baron, Russian peace commissioner at Portsmouth

Rossia, Russian cruiser at Vladivostok

Rouge, in costume

Rozhdestvensky, Ziniry Petrovitch (b. 1848), commanding Baltic squadron, defeated by Togo

Rules for Decisions; of Judicial Procedure

--and Regulations of Three Generations, Saridai-Kyaku-shiki; revised (819)

Rurik, Russian cruiser

Russia, relations with, 18th and early 19th centuries; joins France and Germany in note protesting against Japanese occupation of Manchurian littoral; war with; peace, (text); situation in 1911

Russian, name Akuro-o may be read Oro-o and mean

Ryobu Shinto, mixed Shinto, Kami being avatars of Buddhas


bridge in Yedo

Ryoken, priest of Nanzen-ji

Ryoshun see Imagawa Sadayo

Ryu, Shinki, artist

Ryuko, Buddhist priest, advises of Tsunayoshi

Ryokyu Islands, language cognate to Japanese; King of, intervenes; Japanese intercourse with islands; king of, and Japanese invasion of mainland; French in, (1846); Formosa and; Chinese claims to, given up

Ryuzoki, Kyushu family, defeat Shoni

--Takanobu (1530-85), death

Sacrifice, early; human; of weapons; at grave

Sadami, Prince, Emperor Uda (q.v.)

Sadanobu see Matsudaira Sadanobu

Sadato see Abe Sadato

Sadatoki see Hojo Sadatoki

Sadatsune, Prince, sons

Sadayori see Sasaki Sadayori

Sado, island, in early myth; settlement; silver mines; penal establishment

Sado Maru, Japanese transport sunk by Vladivostok squadron

Saegusa Moriyoshi (d. 1651)

Saeki family, member of, made state councillor

Saga, 52nd Emperor (810-23); as calligrapher; his children and the Minamoto

Genji, branch of Minamoto

Sagami province conquered by Hojo Soun; Hojo and Uesugi; tobacco in

Sagara (Sawara) Crown Prince under Kwammu

Saghalien, Russians in (18th century); Russian and Japanese claims in; Russian title recognized (1875); Japan's claim to, after war with Russia; not to be fortified

Saho plots against Suinin

Saicho, posthumously Dengyo Daishi, 805 A.D. introduces Buddhist Tendai, (ill.)

Saigo Takamori or Kichinosuke (1827-77), leader in anti-foreign movement; in alliance with Choshu; urges war with Korea and resigns from cabinet (1873); in Satsuma rebellion, (ill.)

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