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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Yemishi at coronationSaimyo ji


Hoshi (1118-90), poet and ascetic

Saiko, bonze

Saikyo, western capital

Saimei, Empress (655-61), the Empress Kogyoku succeeds Kotoku; Yemishi at coronation

Saimyo-ji, Zen temple

Saionji in Kawachi

--Kimmochi, Marquis (b. 1849), head of Constitutionist (Liberal) party

Sairan Igen, book by Arai Hakusekai

Saito family in Ise defeated by Oda; feud in Mino; helped by Buddhist priests


--Tatsuoki, defeated by Nobunaga; leads revolt in Settsu

--Yoshitatsu (1527-61), son of Hidetatsu, kills him

Sajima, Prince, (d. 125 A.D.)

Sakai, near Osaka, Ouchi Yoshihiro's castle at; China trade; Nobunaga's quarrel with; firearms made at; port

--family, Bakufu ministers from; tamarizume

--Tadakatsu, minister of Tokugawa

--Tadakiyo (1626-81) takes over most of Shogun's power; succession to Go-Mizu-no-o; succession to Ietsuna; displaced

--Tadayo, minister under Hidetada


Marise, uncle of Emishi

Sakamoto, castle at

Saka-no-ye Tamuramaro (758-811), against Yemishi; aids Saga

--Karitamuro (728-86), chief of palace guards

Sake, manufacture of, taught by Sukuna; dealers taxed

Sakitsuya, killed for lese-majeste (463 A.D.)

Sakugen, priest

Sakuma Morimasa (1554-83), defeated

--Nobumori (d. 1582), soldier of Nobunaga

Sakura-jima, eruption

Sakuramachi, 115th Emperor (1735-47)

Sakurayama, adherents of Southern Court

--Koretoshi, commands force loyal to Go-Daigo

Salaries, official

Salt, use of, in early Japan

Sanbo-in, temple

Samisen, 3-stringed guitar

Samurai, soldier class, freelances; attitude of, toward foreigners; place of, in making New Japan; attitude of Crown to; abolition of; Satsuma rebellion

Samurai-dokoro, Central Staff Office, (1180) in Yoritomo's Bakufu system; in administration of Kyoto after Shokyu war; in Muromachi administration

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