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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Blocks Tokugawa Hidetada's army Yukimura 1570 1615


Masayuki (1544-1608), accused of encroachment; blocks Tokugawa Hidetada's army

--Yukimura (1570-1615), in defence of Osaka castle

Sandai Jitsu-roku, True Annals of Three Reigns, (901)

Sandai-Kyaku-shiki, Rules and Regulations of Three Generations

Sanetomo see Minamoto Sanetomo

San Felipe, Spanish galleon, wrecked in Tosa

Sanjo, 67th Emperor (1012-16)

Sanetomi, Prince (1837-91), leader of extremist party; in alliance of Choshu and Satsuma, (ill.)

Sanjonishi Sanetaka, scholar

Sankyo-ron, Shotoku quoted in, on management of state

Sano, branch of Fujiwara

Sano Masakoto attempts to assassinate Tanuma Okitsugu

Sanron, Buddhist sect

Santa-Martha, Juan de, Spanish Franciscan, executed (1618)

Sanuki, province

Sapan wood, trade

Sarcophagus, stone, clay, and terra cotta, of Yamato

Saris, John, agent of East India Company, settles at Hirado

Sarume, "monkey female" dances

before cave of Sun goddess

Sasa Narimasa (1539-88), in Komaki war

Sasaki family, branch of the Minamoto; favour Takauji

--Mochikiyo, estates of

--(Rokkaku) Sadayori (d. 1552) captures Kyoto; reconciles hostile parties; generosity to Crown

--Shotei general in forces against Nobunaga

--Takayori (d. 1520), great estates; campaign against

Sasebo, Japanese sally from, on Port Arthur

Sashihire, Hayato assassin (399) of Nakatsu; death

Sassulitch, Russian general, on Yalu

Satake family, Yoritomo's attempt to win; one of "8 Generals of Kwanto"; of Hitachi, allies of Shingen

--Yoshinobu (1570-1633), opposes Ieyasu, taking army over to Ishida; fief reduced (1600)

Satehiko see Otomo Satehiko

Sato Tadanobu, impersonates Yoshitsune


Satomi family, one of "8 Generals of Kwanto"; fight Hojo; defeated; allies of Shingen

Satow, Sir Ernest, sceptical of dates in "Chronicles"; on revival of Shinto

Satsuma, Xavier in; later preaching; foreign ships in, menace Tokugawa; trade; tobacco; bonita; moderate party; against Tokugawa; predominant; fiefs surrendered; clan representation; rebellion of 1877

Sawaga, monastery

Sawing to death

Scholars, Chinese and Korean, in Japan; sophists; in Bakufu; in Ashikaga system; literati at Court; Japanese sent to Europe and America

Scholarship recommended in Court Laws; Ieyasu's attitude to; revival of learning; Tsunayoshi favours Chinese scholarship; Western

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