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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Japanese resident general inSepulchres of Yamato


nairan, Bakufu official at court

Sculpture in Nara epoch; in Heian; Kamakura period

Sea-Dragon, Castle of, myth

Sea, Command of, in 1592 campaign

Seals; of Taiko; (ill.)

Seal skins in early myth

Seaweed as food

Sebastian, Spanish sailor, undertakes coast survey

Secretaries in Bakufu

Seed distribution by Crown (723)

Seidan, book on government by Ogyu Sorai

Seido, or Shohei college

Sei-i, "barbarian expelling," title of shogun; sei-i tai-shogun, hereditary title

Seikan, priest

Seimu, 13th Emperor (131-190 A.D.)

Seinei, 22nd Emperor, (480-4)

Seishi-roku, record of nobles (814 A.D.)

Sei Shonagon, poetess

Seiwa, 56th Emperor (859-76); (ill.); sons become Minamoto

Seiwa Genji, branch of Minamoto

Sekigahara, battle of (1600)

Sen, Japanese coin

justify;">Senate, Genro-in, organized (1875)

Sengoku Hidehisa (1551-1614) soldier of Hideyoshi

Senkwa, 28th Emperor (536-9), succeeds his brother Ankan

Seoul, Korea; march upon (1592), Japanese forced to give up; Chinese resident in, blocks Japanese control; foreign legations removed, Japanese resident-general in

Sepulchres of Yamato; contents

Serpent, eight-forked killed by Susanoo; possibly the name of a local chief; early shrine; worship

Sesshu (1420-1506), painter of Kamakura school; academy

Seta, Long Bridge of

Settsu Dojun, suicide

Settsu, Buddhist temple in; Kiyomori moves capital to Fukuhara in; priests revolt

Seven Generals plot against Ishida

Sexagenary Cycle in Japanese chronology; accounts for error of 120 years; Chinese origin of

Shaho, battle of

Shaka, Sakiya Muni

Shan-hai-ching, Chinese record (4th cent. A.D.)

Shantung peninsula, fighting on, (1894); part of, seized by Germany

Shao-kang, mythical Chinese ancestor of Japanese kings


Shiba, district of Tokyo, Castle of, built (803); temple with tomb of Hidetada

--family, in office of Muromachi kwanryo; one of Five Regent Houses; make trouble in Kyushu; in Onin war; in Omi

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