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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Successor of Yoshihisa Yoshihisa 1536 1611


estates of

--Tachito, first Buddhist missionary

--Takatsune, revolts against Ashikaga

--Yoshihige, minister of Ashikaga Yoshimochi

--Yoshikada, rival of Masanaga

--Yoshimasa (d. 1410), shitsuji, first to be called kwanryo

--Yoshitoshi (1430-90), estates; Onin war

Shibata Gonroku

--Katsuiye (1530-83), general under Nobunaga; councillor; death

Shibukawa Noriyasu, government astronomer

--Shunkai, revises calendar (1683)

Shi-do, "Way of the Warrior" by Yamaga Soko

Shido Shogun, Campaign of

Shiga, in Omi

Shigehide see Hagiwara Shigehide

Shigehito, Prince

Shigeko, mother of Ashikaga Yoshimasa

Shigeyoshi see Tokugawa Shigeyoshi

Shihotari, Prince, commands government station in Anra

Shijo, 87th Emperor (1233-42)

Shijo-nawate, in Kawachi, battle (1348)

Shikken, military

regent, in Yoritomo's system, head of the man-dokoro, great power of office held by Hojo family; Ashikaga substitute second shitsuji for; kwanryo later equivalent to; of Inchu, office held by Hino family

Shikoku, early history; pirates in, (931-7); in 16th century wars

Shikotan, inhabitants of, not pre-Ainu

Shimabara, battle of, defeat of Ryozoki Takanobu (1585); Jesuits and trade at; the S. revolt (1637-8), puts end to Portuguese trade

Shimada Yuya, judge

Shimazu in Kyushu; defeated by Hideyoshi


-Hisamitsu or Saburo (1820-87), feudatory of Satsuma, in Namamugi incident; in making of New Japan; with Saigo in Satsuma

--Iehisa (d. 1587), defeated by Hideyoshi

--Tadahisa (12th century) founder of family

--Tadakuni, in Ryuku

--Yoshihiro (1535-1619), successor of Yoshihisa

--Yoshihisa (1536-1611), defeats Ryuzoki Takanobu, and is ousted by Hideyoshi; against Ieyasu; escapes after Sekigahara

Shimbetsu, families of pre-conquest chieftains or Kami class; three sub-classes; early administration; help put down revolt of Heguri; and rank of Empress; classification of Seishi-roku

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