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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Branch of Minamoto familyShingen see Takeda ShingenShingon


branch of Tokugawa

--Muneharu, suicide

Shimoda, residence given to Americans

Shimonosekij French, Dutch and Americans fired upon, attack; peace with China concluded at, (1895)

Shimosa, Taira Masakado's revolt in; Taira Tadatsune's

Shimpo-to, Progressist party, organized (1881)

Shin, Buddhist sect (1224); Hongwan-ji feud with Enryaku-ji; internal quarrels; revolt of 1488, Ikko-ikki; oppose Nobunaga; interdicted in Shimazu

Shinano, Yemishi in; revolt of Minamoto (Kiso) no Yoshinaka in; Takeda and Uesugi in; silk growing

Genji, branch of Minamoto family

Shingen see Takeda Shingen

Shingon, "True Word," Buddhist sect founded by Kukai; Heijo and Shinnyo devoted to; esoteric character

Shingu, Kii province, tomb of Hsu Fuh; naval base of Southern army

Shinki, Chinese painter

Shinno, painter

Shinnyo, name in religion of Takaoka

Shin-o, bridge in Yedo

Shino Soshin and incense-comparing

Shinran Shonin (1184-1268),

founder of Shin sect, (ill.)

Shinto, sun-myth; rules in Yengi-shiki; therianthropy; shrines; Board of Religion; first use of name (c. 586); relation to Buddhism; mixed, with Buddhism; overshadowed by Buddhism, and subservient; insincerity; in Heian epoch; priests support Southern Court; relations with Confucianism and Buddhism; Pure Shinto; combined with Confucianism; revival of

Shinzei see Fujiwara Michinori

Ships, early; building, as tribute; bureau of shipping; China trade; size limited; limitation removed; middle of 19th century; modern mercantile marine; illustrations; see Navy

Shiragi, Korea, myth; annals; war with Kara; king settles in Japan; submits to Jingo; Japanese attacks on; Chinese immigration; revolt against Yuryaku; weakened; dispute over Imun; ship-builders; Buddhist image; defeats Kudara and Mimana; Japanese intervention; invasion; families in Japanese nobility; travel to Japan forbidden

Shirahata, in Harima, fortress held by the Ashikaga; by the Akamatsu

Shirakabe, Prince; see Konin

Shirakawa, 72nd Emperor (1073-86)

Shiren, priest

Shiro-uji, branch of Taira family

Shishi-ga-tani plot (1177) against Taira

Shitenno-ji, temple to Four Guardian Kings of Heaven

Shitsuji, manager, of mandokoro, office hereditary in Nikaido family; of monju-dokoro; second s. created in Takauji's system; and kwanryo

Shizuka, mistress of Yoshitsune

Shizugatake, battle of, (1583)

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