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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Less important than temple after mixed Shinto


Student of Chow and Confucius, teacher of Naka and Kamatari

Shocho koban, gold coins of 1428

Shodai-ji, temple

Shodan-chiyo, work of Ichijo Kaneyoshi

Shoen, great estates, manors; temple domains; attempts to check; effect on agriculture

Shogun, "general"; head of Yoritomo's bakufu system; attempt to have Imperial prince appointed; unimportant under Hojo; Fujiwara, then Imperial princes, appointed; Ashikaga in Northern Court; powers transferred to kwanryo; under Tokugawa; minister gets power; separated from ministerial council; Chinese classics lessen power; court of last appeal; Imperial rescript to; power resigned to Crown

Shohei, Japanese pronunciation of Changping, Confucius's birthplace; Shohei-bashi, bridge, Shohei-ko, college, near temple to Confucius; lectures there

Shohei, period, (1346-69)

Shohyo era

Shokagu-in, academy of Minamoto (881)

Shoko, 101st Emperor (1412-28), son of Go-Komatsu

Shokoku-ji, Zen temple in Kyoto, art school of Josetsu; one of the "Five"

Shokyu, year period 1219-22, and the struggle between the Court and the military

justify;">Shomu, 45th Emperor (724-48)

Shoni, independent family of Kyushu

--Tokihisa (d. 1559), last of family

Shonzui (16th century), manufacture of porcelain

Shoren-in, temple in Kyoto

Shoso-in, Nara (ill.)

Shotoku, Empress (765-70), Koken returns to throne; orders amulets printed

--Prince, or Taishi (572-621); history; on religions; defeats Mononebe Moriya; builds Buddhist temple; relations with Sushun; opposes uji system; his "Constitution"; death; China; official promotion system; a painter

--period, 1711-15, trade rules of

Shrines, yashiro, early Shinto; simple architecture of; in reign of Suinin; less important than temple after mixed Shinto; shrine and temple, ji-sha; immune from shugo

Shubun, painter

Shui-shu, anthology

Shujaku, 61st Emperor (931-46)

Shuko or Juko (1422-1502), Zen priest, code and tea-ceremonial

Shunkai see Shibukawa Shunkai

Shunzei, nom de plume of Fujiwara Toshinari

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