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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Final success over Mononebe Moriya


Buddhist priest, envoy of Muromachi to China

Shu-shi see Chutsz

Shushin, Zen priest

Silk in early times; culture, curtains for partition; mulberry trees on uplands; in Nara epoch advanced by need of rich robes for priests; exported; growing in Kotsuke, Shinano, etc.; "silk clothiers"

Silkworm, worship of

Silver and other precious metals

Si Wang-mu, owner of miraculous peachtree

"Six National Histories"

Slave, value of

Slaves and slavery, prehistoric; aliens become nuhi at conquest; prisoners of war and criminals; Daika; laws on slavery for debt; Daiho laws; provinces; Christians and slave-trade

Sleeves, legal regulation of

Small-pox interpreted as divine punishment

Snow and snow festivals; image of Dharma, (ill.)

So family and Korean trade

So-ami, artist, patronized by Yoshimasa; envoy to Ming court

--Sadamori (1385-1452) and Korean trade

--Sukekuni (d. 1274), governor of Tsushima, killed in battle with Mongols

justify;">Soden, inscription on Hoko-ji bell

Soga, family, descendants of Takenouchi; power; favour Buddhism; relation to Imperial family; crushed by Fujiwara; usurpation causes Daika

--Akae, minister of the Left, in conspiracy against Oama

--Emishi, o-omi, successor of Umako; assumes Imperial titles; killed

--Iname, o-omi, 130; recommends adoption of Buddhism; and Buddhist temple (552 A.D.)

--Iruka, powerful under Kogyoku; quarrels with Yamashiro

--Sukeyasu, death

--Umako (d. 626), historiography; o-omi, kills Mononobe Moriya; power under Bidatsu; guardian of Buddhist images; relationship to Imperial family; final success over Mononebe Moriya; builds temple of Hoko-ji (587 A.D.); has Sushun assassinated; alliance with Shotoku against military system; death

Sogen (Chu Yuan), Chinese priest; and Kamakura calligraphy

Soji-ji, temple

Soko see Yamaga Soko

Solfataras of Unzen volcano, torture of Christians in

Solitary Kami

Soma, branch of Taira

Somedono, Empress, wife of Montoku

Song Wang Myohg, King of Kudara, and Buddhism

Son-Kwang, Kudara prince, settles in Naniwa

Son-O Jo-I, "Revere the Sovereign, expel the barbarians" motto

Sorin see Otomo Yoshishige

Soseki see Muso Kokushi

Sosetsu, envoy to China of Ouchi family

Soshi-Mori, Korea, myth

Sotan, painter

Sotelo Luis (1574-1624), Spanish Franciscan, attempts to survey Japanese coast

Soto, sect, modification of Zen

Soun see Hojo Soun (Nagauji)

Southern Court, Daikagur-ji; war of dynasties; adherents; rulers; claims ignored in 1412 and 1428

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