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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Dutch and English intrigue against


Japan, comparative accessibility of

Sow race, Borneo, probable source of Kumaso

Soya, strait of

Sozen see Yamana Mochitoyo

Spaniards, in Manila, jealous of Portuguese; in Tosa with "wrecked" galleon; intrigue against Dutch; Dutch and English intrigue against; Hidetada orders deported (1624); invasion by, feared, and conquest of Philippines urged; Spanish authorities forbid priests going to Japan; refuse grant in Yedo; trade unimportant; end of trade

Spear, jewelled, token of authority of Kami; sign of military authority; heads of; export of; carrier (ill.)

Spinning in myth; in early times

Spirit, tama, survives body; belief in activity of

Spying in Bushi system; civil; in Tokugawa Laws of Military Houses

Stackelberg, Baron, Russian general defeated by Oku at Telissu

Stag's shoulder blade, use in divination

Stake, death at

Stars in cosmogony

State, Central Department of, Nakatsukasa-sho

Stature of Japanese

Steel for swords


among sepulchral remains; bridle, harness and (ill.)

Store-house, imikura; kura, administrator of, kura-bugyo

Stossel, Anatol Mikhailovitch, Russian general, surrenders Port Arthur

Straw, famine food

Straw mat, tatsu-gomo, for carpet

Straw rope in sun-myth

Sugar culture

Sugawara family descended from Nomi no Sukune; scholars

--Fumitoki, litterateur

--Hidenaga, lecturer

--Michizane (845-903), called Kwanko, schoolman; plot to send him on embassy to China; Fujiwara plot against, (ill.); one of authors of the fifth of "National Histories"; Chinese prose; shrine, (ill.); descendants

--Toyonaga, patronized by Ujimitsu

Suicide in early myth; some examples; at grave; in protest against policy; as punishment

Suiko, 33d Empress (593-628), consort of Bidatsu; historiography; Chinese learning

Suinin, 11th Emperor (29 B.C.--70 A.D.); attempts to abolish human sacrifice

Suisei, 2nd Emperor (581-549 B.C.)

Sujin, 10th Emperor (97-30 B.C.); and ship building

Sukenari (or Juro)

Suken-mon-in, mother of Go-Enyu, relations with Yoshimitsu

Suko, Northern Emperor (1348-52)

Sukuna Hikona, mythical pygmy healer; inventor of sake

Sukune family, growth of its power; see also Takenouchi-no-Sukune

Sulphur trade

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