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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

In Heiji tumult crush Minamoto


(d. 843), exiled with Tsunesada; calligrapher

--Hiromi, scholar

--Moroe (684-757), minister of the Right, acquiesces in rule of Koken-Shotoku; may have compiled anthology of "Myriad Leaves"

Tachiri Munetsugu, Court envoy to summon Nobunaga to Kyoto

Tactics, of Bushi; gradual change in

Tada Genji, branch of Minamoto

Tadahiro see Kato Tadahiro

Tadakiyo see Sakai Tadakiyo

Tadamori see Taira Tadamori

Tadateru see Matsudaira Tadateru

Tadayoshi see Ashikaga Tadayoshi and Tokugawa Tadayoshi

Tadong River, Korea; in campaign of 1592

Taema, Prince, and expedition against Shiragi (603 A.D.)

Taema-no-Kuehaya, wrestler

Ta-fu, Japanese envoy to China (A.D. 57)

Taga, Castle of; built in 724 to check Yemishi; head-quarters transferred to Isawa

Taguchi Shigeyoshi, deserts with fleet to Minamoto in battle of Dan-no-ura

Tai-hei-ki, historical work of 14th century, quoted on causes of Shokyu struggle; on Yoshinaga

style="text-align: justify;">Taiho see Daiho

Taiken-mon-in, consort of Toba; intimacy with Shirakawa

Taiko, "great merit"; ex-regent, title of Hideyoshi; Taiko-zan, temple at his birthplace

Taikoki, "Annals of the Taiko" quoted on Hideyoshi's palace

Taikwa see Daika

Tai Peh, Chinese prince, exile to Japan (800 B.C.); Imperial descent from

Taira, family, descended from Prince Katsurabara, generals of Imperial guards; called Heike; manors and armed forces; lose estates; quarrel with Minamoto; revolt against Fujiwara; provincial branches; treatment of priests, the Gen-pei epoch, struggle with Minamoto; genealology; in Heiji tumult crush Minamoto; hold most important offices; Yorimasa conspiracy against; defeated by Minamoto

--Atsumori (1169-84), killed at Ichi-no-tani

--Chikafusa, provincial governor

--Hirotsune, favours Yoritomo

--Kanetaka, lieutenant governor of Izu; is killed by Tokimasa

--Kiyomori (1118-81), wins manors; treatment of priests; crushes Minamoto; supports Go-Shirakawa; alliance with Shinzei; lessens power of Fujiwara; supreme; arbitrary rule; crushes Yorimasa conspiracy; death

--Korehira, founder of Ise-Heishi

--Koremochi, founder of branches of Taira

--Koremori, commands army sent against Yorimoto

Taira Masakado (d. 940), his revolt

--Masamori, crushes rebellion of Minamoto Yoshichika

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