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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Alliance with Hojo and war with Uesugi


Prince (1311-38), commander against Ashikaga

Takauji; in war of dynasties; suicide

Takano, consort of Konin, mother of Kwammu

Takanori see Kojima Takanori

Takao, temple at

Takaoka, monk, travels in India

Takashima Kihei, called Shirodayu, or Shuhan, advocates foreign intercourse (1853)

Takata, sect of Shin

Takatomo, Pruice, adopted son of Okimachi

Takatsukasa family founded by Fujiwara Kanehira, one of "Five Regent Houses"

Takatsuki, fief of Takayama

Takatsune see Shiba Takatsune

Takauji see Ashikaga Takauji

Takayama (d, 1596) feudatory of Takatsuki, converted by Vilela; his son Yusho, "Don Justo Ukondono"

Takeda family of Kai favour Yoritomo; help in overthrow of Yoshinori; alliance with Hojo and war with Uesugi; his allies against Nobunaga

--Katsuyori (1546-82), marries Nobunaga's daughter, but makes war on him; defeated

--Nobumitsu stirs up Yoritomo against Yoshinaka

--Shingen, or Haranobu

(1521-73), war with Uesugi (ill.); alliance with Nobunaga, and with Ieyasu; death; military art; signature (ill.)

Takenaka, of Nagasaki, persecutes Christians

--Shigeharu, soldier of Hideyoshi

Takenouchi-no-Sukune, several prominent officials 1st to 4th century; against Yemishi; prime minister; great duke of the Presence; in conquest of Korea; succession to Jingo; ordeal for treason; grand-daughter, marries Nintoku; descendants; the Heguri

Takenouchi Shikibu(1716-71), teacher of Chinese classics; forerunner of Restoration

Taketori Monogatari, "Bamboo gatherer's narrative" classic

Takigawa Kazumasu, soldier of Nobunaga, kwanryo of Kwanto; favours Nobutaka; defeated by Hideyoshi

Takinosawa, battle of, victory over Takeda

Takuan (1573-1645), Emperor gives purple robe to

Takuma artists

Takuahan, Manchuria, 4th Army lands at

Takutsakasa Sukehira, prime minister in Kyoto, opposes Kokaku

Talien, taken from Chinese (1894); Russian railway

Tallies used in trade with China

Tamba, urchins of, the princes Oke and Woke; rice grants charged to province

Tamehira, younger brother of Murakami

Tamibe, naturalized aliens in pro-historic time

Tamichi, general, killed by Yemishi, 367 A.D.

Tamon, i.e. Ananda, statue in castle of Azuchi

Tamu no Mine, valley, site of shrine to Kamatari

Tamura, Prince, Emperor Jomei (629)

Tamura family defeated by Date

Tamuramaro see Saka-no-ye Tamuramaro

Tan, land unit; tansen, area tax

Tanaka Harukiyo, rebuilds shrine of Hachiman

Tandai, inquisitors, two representing Bakufu at Court; the Ryo-Rokuhara; similar offices at Hakozaki and Nagato; in Muromachi period

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