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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Record of the EmperorsTenno zan


monastery and doctrine of Saicho; temple

Tengai, abbot of Enryaku-ji, in bell-inscription affair; temple at Nikko; Kwanei-ji

Tenjin, descendants of primeval trinity, sub-class of Shimbetsu; name under which Michizane was apotheosized

Tennoki, Record of the Emperors

Tenno-zan, position in battle of Yamazaki

Tenryaku, year-period (947-57)

Tenryu-ji, temple at Saga, built by Takauji; T.-bune, merchantmen, sent to China for art objects; T.-seiji, celadon vases from China

Tenshin, "kami of the descent," chieftains of expedition from Kyushu

Tensho, year period, 1573-91, coins

Tenson, "Heavenly grand-child" epithet of Hikoho Ninigi; sub-class of Shimbetsu, descendants of Sun goddess; superior position of

Teraishi, Dr., on decoration of bronze bells

Terasaka Kichiemon, one of "47 Ronin"

Terumoto see Mori Terumoto

Terutora see Uesugi Kenshin

Tetsuo, priest of Daitoku-ji

Text books

Thatch on houses



Thirty-year census

Three Years' War, Go-Sannen (1089-91)

Thunder, Kami of, in tree; axes

Tientai, Japanese Tendai, Chinese monastery

Tientsin relieved by Japanese troops in Boxer Rebellion

Tiger, magic taught by

Tiles, peculiar to temples; roofs of official buildings tiled in Nara epoch; slate-coloured and green in city of Kyoto; in Kamakura period; ill

Timur gives up attack on Japan

Ting, Chinese admiral, defeated at Weihaiwei

Titles, or gentile names; new under Temmu

Toba, 74th Emperor (1108-23); state domains; palace

Tobacco growing; pipe and pouch, (ill.)

Toda Izu no Kami, advocates foreign intercourse (1853)

Tadanori, adviser of Nariaki

Todai-ji, Kegon temple at Nara, bronze Buddha; procession in Koken's reign; great bell; bell-tower (ill.); statue (ill.); gate-guards; burnt by Taira

Todo Takatora (1556-1630) helps Tokugawa

Toei-zan, Ueno hill, temple of Kwanei-ji

Tofuku-ji, Buddhist temple, S.E. of Kyoto

Tofuku-mon-in, Kazuko, first Tokugawa consort; wife of Go-Mizu-no-o

Togashi family splits in Onin war

Togo Heihachiro, Count (b. 1857), Japanese admiral, attacks Russian fleet at Port Arthur; blocks entrance to harbour; defeats Russians at Tsushima

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