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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Hidetada line succeeded by Kii branch


invade Japan (1019)

Toichi, wife of Kobun

Toin see Doin

To-ji, Shingon temple (Goku-ku-ji) in Kyoto

Tokaido, road from Kyoto to Tokyo

Toki see Doki

Tokichi see Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Tokimasa see Hojo Tokimasa

Tokimune (or Goro) avenges father's murder

Tokiuji see Yamano Tokiuji

Tokiwa, mistress of Yoshitomo

Tokiyasu, Prince, see Koko

Tokiyo, Prince, marries daughter of Sugawara Michizane

Toku, empress Kenrei-mon-in; mother of Emperor Antoku

Tokugawa, descent of family; hereditary system founded by Ieyasu; shogunate of family; oath of loyalty to; the T. Bakufu; "Constitution"; school, Shohei-ko; Imperial family, marries into; strengthened; attitude to feudatories; Hidetada line succeeded by Kii branch; families in ministry; decline of power; end of shogunate

Chikauji (d. 1407?), ancestor of Matsudaira

Hidetada (1579-1632), shogun (1605-22); anti-Christian edict (1616); orders Spaniards deported; in war with Uesugi; daughter weds Hideyori;

attacks Osaka; Ieyasu's instructions to; rule, death, character; and Crown

Tokugawa Hirotada (1526-49)

--Hyakkajo, One Hundred Rules of Tokugawa

--Ieharu (1737-86), shogun (1760-86)

--Iemitsu (1603-51), shogun (1622-51); treatment of Christians; Ieyasu's instructions to; requires nobles to reside at Yedo; and feudal lords

--Iemochi (1846-66), shogun (1858-66); marries Emperor's sister; resigns

--Ienari (1773-1841), shogun (1786-1837); his father's rank; abdication

--Ienobu (1662-1712), shogun (1709-12)

--Iesada (1824-58), shogun (1853-8)

--Ieshige (1702-61), shogun (1745-60); his son, Shigeyoshi, ancestor of Shimizu branch

--Ietsugu (1709-16), shogun (1712-16)

--Ietsuna (1642-80), 4th shogun (1651-80); power passes to minister; abdication of Go-Saien; death

--Ieyasu (1542-1616) (ill.); in war on Asakura and Asai; alliance with Shingen; defeats Takeda; threatened; in Komaki war; peace with Hideyoshi; against Hojo; receives Kwanto; takes oath; in Hideyoshi's scheme; Christianity; Will Adams; death; family; succession to Hideyoshi; wealth; Sekigahara; distribution of fiefs; shogun; Hideyori; defied at Osaka; Hoko-ji bell; attacks Osaka castle; character; legislation; literature; Hidetada; shrine; patterned upon by Yoshimune; Shinto revival; foreign intercourse; signature (ill.)

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