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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Founder of Hitotsubashi branch Munetake d


(1792-1853), shogun (1838-53)

--Jidaishi, on Ieyasu's laws

--Mitsukuni (1628-1700), sympathizes with Masayasu; interest in letters

--Munetada (1721-64), founder of Hitotsubashi branch

--Munetake (d. 1769) founder of Tayasii branch

--Nariaki (1800-60), daimyo of Mito, anti-foreign policy of; attempts to make his son shogun; surrenders edict against shogun

--(or Matsudaira) Nariyuki, feudatory of Kir

--Nobuyasu (1559-79); marriage

--Nobuyoshi (1583-1603), daimyo of Mito

--Shigeyoshi (1745-95), founds Shimizu branch

--Tadanaga (1605-33), brother of Iemitsu

--Tadayoshi (1580-1607), daimyo of Kiyosu

--Tsunayoshi (1646-1709), shogun (1686-1709); considerate for Crown

--Yorifusa (1603-61), daimyo of Mito; one of Sanke

--Yorinobu (1602-71), daimyo of Kii

--Yoshimune (1677-1751), shogun (1716-45); camera rule; Tayasu and Hitotsubashi branches

--Yoshinao (1600-50), daimyo of Owari; founds Shohei-ko school


or Keiki (1837-97), son of Nariaki and his candidate for shogun; Crown urges his promotion; guardian of shogun; shogun (1866-8); resigns; surrenders Yedo

Tokuhon see Hatakeyama Mochikuni

Tokuno support Southern Court

Tokuno Michlkoto, defender of Go-Daigo

Tokusei, "benevolent policy", laws of 1297; extension of policy under Ashikaga; riots; for debtors

Tokuso, priest

Tokyo, formerly Yedo, eastern capital

Tomi see Fujiwara Tomiko

Tomoe, Yoshinaka's mistress

Tomohira, Prince (963-1009), poet

Tomohito, Prince, see Kokaku

Tomo, Princess, see Go-Sakuramichi

Tomo Kowamine, exiled (843) with Prince Tsunesada

Ton-a (1301-84), poet

Tonami-yami, Echizen, defeat of Taira at

Tonegawa, flood in

Tone-yama, battle (1573)

Tonghak rebellion in Korea (1894), Chinese troops sent to quell

Tongkan, Korean history, its chronology

Tori Shichi (Korean Nori Sachhi), Buddhist

Torii Mototada (1539-1600), dies in defense of Ieyasu's castle


Tornado of 1718

Torres, Baltasar de (1563-1626), Jesuit, companion of Xavier

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