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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Christians join him against Ieyasu


shell, divination

Torture in ancient Japan

Tosa, province; Ichijo family move to; seized by Chosokabe; bonita curing in; T memorial against Bakufu; surrender of fiefs; clan representation

Tosa, Kyoto school of painting; patronized by Tsunayoshi; decorations of palace

Mitsunobu see Mitsunobu

Mitsuoki, teacher of Hirozumi

Tosa Nikki, Tosa Diary

Tosabo Shoshun, bonze

Tosando, mountain road

Toshiiye see Maeda Toshiiye


Tosho-ji, temple, suicides in its cemetery after defeat of Hojo

Towers, royal; fire watch tower

Toyohara Tokimoto, musician

Toyohito see Kogon

Toyokuni Daimyo-jin, temple of, sacred to Hideyoshi, destroyed by Ieyasu

Toyonari see Fujiwara no Toyonari

Toyotomi, family, revolt of ronin (1651); decline of influence

Hidetsugu (1568-95), adopted successor of Hideyoshi; Hideyoshi's letter to; death


(1593-1615), son of Hideyoshi; regent; Christians join him against Ieyasu; Ishida favours; nai-daijin, marries Ieyasu's granddaughter; Ieyasu's estimate; opposes Ieyasu; refuses to surrender; suicide

Toyotomi Hideyoshi( 1536-98); battle of Okehazama; in Ise and Kyoto; Sakai; war with Asakura and Asai; against Takeda Katsuyori; invades Chugoku; plans war on China; peace with Mori; Nobunaga; defeats Mitsuhide; councillor; crushes Takigawa Kazumasa and Shibuta Katsuiye; Yodogimi; Osaka castle; in Komaki war; peace with Ieyasu; regent; crushes remaining enemies; treatment of Ieyasu; Buddhism; palace; tea-festivals, wealth; invasion of Korea; death; family; kills Hidetsugu; character; legislation; Christianity; tomb

--Kunimatsu, son of Hideyori, killed by Ieyasu

"Trade, Chief of"

Transportation, early; roads in Nara epoch; in Heian; in Muromachi; improved by Nobunaga; laws; Tokugawa improvements; road-commissioners; railway building

Treason under Daiho code

Treasury established 405 A.D.; three in Yuryaku's reign; burnt in 1659; see Finance Department

Treaties with United States, Russia, Holland, England; commercial treaty with United States; with Korea; with China; with Russia (Portsmouth); with China (Peking)

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