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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Fortifications 1280 Tsurugaoka hill in Kamakura


sacred, of Buddhist temples; tree worship; myths of tree planting; stories of huge trees

Trigrams, in divination

"True Word," Shingon

Tsarevitch, Russian battleship at Port Arthur

Tsin dynasty (265-317) and Chinese migration

Tsuchi-gumo, "Earth-spiders" or "Pit dwellers"; called Wado by Chinese

Tsuchi Mikado, 83d Emperor (1199-1210); abdicates; exile

Tsugaru in 16th century wars; remains of Tatar fortress

--strait, controlled by Japan

Tsugunawa see Fujiwara Tsugunawa

Tsuguno, architect

Tsuka, Korean prince, migrates to Japan; carpenters

Tsukiji, in Yedo, naval college at

Tsukuda, island

Tsukushi see Kyushu

Tsunayoshi see Tokugawa Tsunayoshi

Tsunehito, Prince, father of Kokaku, rank

Tsuneko, consort of Kwazan

Tsunenaga, Prince (1324-38), conspiracy to make him heir; poisoned by Takauji

Tsunesada, Prince (823-84), exiled (843)

style="text-align: justify;">Tsure-zure-gusa, "Weeds of Tedium"

Tsuruga, ancient Kehi-no-ura; fortifications (1280)

Tsurugaoka hill in Kamakura, shrine of Hachiman

Tsushima, islands, in early myth; silver discovered (674) and gold (701); attacked by Toi (1019), by Mongols (1274), and (1281); attacked by Koreans in 1419; Korean trade; Chinese squadron attacks; outpost of Japan; Hakuseki wishes to limit Korean envoys to; commerce; commanding strait; Russian attempts upon; battle of, Russian fleet defeated by Togo

Tsutsui Junkei (1549-84), deserts Akechi Mitsuhide in battle of Yamazaki; succession to Nobunaga

Tsuwata Saburo, suicide

Tsuying, king of Pohai, Korea

203-Metre Hill, Port Arthur, fighting at

Uchida Ieyoshi, warrior

Masanobu (1619-51), suicide

Uda, 59th Emperor (888-97), Prince Sadami

Uda Genji of Omi, branch of Minamoto

Ueda castle

Ueno park, Kiyomizu temple; hill called Toeizan; abbot of, candidate for throne in 1867

Uesugi, family, favours Tadayoshi; overthrows Ashikaga; kwanryo; two branches; quarrels; join against Hojo; shitsuji; governor-general of Kwanto; patronize schools; against Mogami; Hideyoshi makes peace with

--Akifusa, shitsuji to Shigeuji

--Akisada, estates

--Akiyoshi, avenges his father

--Fusaaki (1432-66)

--Kagekatsu (1555-1623), lieutenant of Hideyoshi in Komaki war; against Hojo; senior minister; with Ishida Katsushiga plots against Ieyasu; open break with Ieyasu; fiefs reduced after Sekigahara

--Kenshin, originally Nagao Kagetora. (1530-78), kwanryo, war with Hojo and Takeda, checked between Nobunaga and Shingen; military art

--Mochifusa, sent against Kamakura by Ashikaga Yoshinori (1439)

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