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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

In Kamakura classificationUnebi


(1416-67) fortifies Kawagoe

--Noriaki (1306-68), shitsuji; exile

--Noriharu (d. 1379), suicide

--Norimasa (1522-79), driven from Hirai by Ujiyasu

--Norimoto (1383-1418)

--Noritada (1433-54), shitsuji to Shigeuji, death

--Norizane (d. 1455), plot to kill; helps defeat Kamakura forces (1439)

--Shigeyoshi (d. 1349), shitsuji, exiled

--Tomomune, shitsuji

--Tomosada, shitsuji


--Yoshinori (d. 1378), shitsuji

Uji, families, rank; government, established and abolished by Emperor; taxation; feudal chiefs; the Eight Great Uji; opposed by Shotoku; rank; government; Jinshin; Kami elective; princely families; academies; record; territorial names

Uji river, Yamashiro province, battle at

Uiyasu see Hojo Ujiyasu

Ukhtonsky, Rear-Admiral Prince, commanding Russian squadron at Port Arthur

Ukita Hideiye (d. 1662), soldier of Hideyoshi, against Chosokabe; commander-in-chief in Korea; one of 5 senior ministers; and Hideyoshi's laws; against

Ieyasu; estates forfeited

Naoiye (1530-82), turns from Mori to Nobunaga

Umako see Soga Umako

Umashimade, ancestor of Mononobe

Umeda Genjiro, pen-name "Umpin" (1816-59), promotes Imperial restoration

Umetada Akihisa, metal-worker

Unclean, eta and hinin, in Kamakura classification

Unebi, Mt., tomb of Jimmu; Soga mansion

Ung-jin (Paik-chhon-ku), Japanese defeat at, (662)

United States, Japanese relations with, 1837 '46, and '48; Perry; Townsend Harris; Shimonoseki affair; Americans in education, post-office, agriculture, etc.; intervention in Russo-Japanese war; threats of war

Unkei, sculptor

Unzen, volcano, Christians tortured in solfataras

Upland, onchi

Urabe Kanetomo (15th century), Shinto

Yoshida, Shinto doctrine of

Uraga, English refuse for headquarters; Manhattan enters; Perry in

Urup, island, Russians in, (1792)

Uryu Sotokichi (b. 1857), rear-admiral, destroys Russian cruisers at Chemulpo

Usui Pass in Yamato-dake's march, identification of

Usume, female Kami

Usuri, won by Russia (1860)

Utsonomiya family, one of "8 Generals of Kwanto"

Valegnani, Alexander (1537-1606), Jesuit vice-general, visits Kuchinotsu in 1578; embassy

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