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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Japanese intercourse withWatch


Russian cruiser at Chemulpo

Vehicles, proto-historic; in Nara epoch

"Vehicles" of Buddhism

Veil in ancient costume

Vendetta, beginning of in Japan (486 A.D.); (1193); of Ako; illegal in Kyoto, Yedo, Osaka and Sumpu

Vermilion pillars; stamp of Taiko

Vilela, Gaspard (d. 1570), Portuguese Jesuit, in Kyoto

Village, part of agata; assemblies; chief

Vivero y Velasco, Rodrigo, governor of Philippines, agreement with Ieyasu (1609)

Vladivostok, strategic situation; Russian squadron at, crushed by Kamimura; objective of Rozhdestvensky

Volcanic eruptions

Wa, "dwarf" or "subservient," early Chinese name for Japanese

Wada Yoshimori (1147-1213) son of Yoritomo's benefactor in Bakufu council; betto defeated and killed by Hojo Yoshitoki

Wadded garments, first mentioned, in 643 A.D.; use prescribed

Wado, Chinese name of western tribe of Japan

Wado, copper era (708-15)

Wage, in 1498

Waka, wife of Tasa, taken from

him by Yuryaku

Waka-irutsako, younger son of Ojin

Wake, funeral ceremony

Wake, Prince, burial of

Kiyomaro (733-99), banished; chooses site for new capital for Kwammu

Wakiya Yoshiharu, son of Yoshisuke, in defeat of Takauji

Yoshisuke (d. 1340), brother of Nitta Yoshisada and provincial governor; in command of Imperial army against the Ashikaga

Wakizaka Yasuharu (1554-1626) at battle of Sekigahara

Wang Yang-ming (1472-1529) philosophy of, officially displaced by Chutsz's; Nakaye Toju follows; summary of system

Wani, Korean scribe in Japan; his descendant, Wang-sin-i

War, Department of, Hyobusho

War God, Hachiman, Oracle of

War Office, Heisei-kan

Waseda University, Tokyo, founded by Okuma

Watanabe, fleet at, before battle of Yashima

Watanabe family, branch of Minamoto

Watarai, temple of, in Ise, princess priest of

Watazumi-no-Kuni, Japanese intercourse with

Watch, in capital

Water-supply of Yedo

Wave-men, ronin

Wax, vegetable, industry

Weaving in early times; early taxes paid by; development

Weights and measures

Weihaiwei, taken from Chinese (1894)

Wei Records, A.D. 211-265, on Japanese markets

Western Army, Yamana forces in Onin war

Whale, fossil remains

White, mourning colour; colour of Minamoto

Wi-ju, Korea; Russians at, (1904)

Winter Campaign

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