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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

IllustrationsWrestling in prehistoric times

Wistaria, fujiwara; bark used for mourning garments

Witchcraft, in Nara epoch

Wo (Japan), tributary to Chinese Kingdom of Yen

Woke, see Ninken

Women, use phonetic language; warriors; tribute to serpents and marauders; prehistoric status; rulers; hostages; morality; literature; property rights; in Tokugawa period; punishment of; shogun's harem; illustrations

Wrestling in prehistoric times; first recorded match (23 B.C.); professional sport; (ill.)

Wu, Chinese Emperor, and Buddhist propaganda

Wu-Ti, Chinese emperor, conqueror of Korea

Xavier, St. Francis (1506-52), Jesuit missionary, lands in Kagoshima (1549); in Hirado, Yamaguchi, Kyoto, and Bungo, death

Yada castle in Ise

Yae, wife of Hideyoshi, followed by military clique

Yaka, mistress of Tenchi

Yakami, Princess, of Inaba, marries Great-Name Possessor

Yakami, castle in Tamba

Yakushi, Buddhist god of wisdom, inscription on image of; y.-ji, temple, (ill.)

Yalu River, Korea, in 1592 campaign; Chinese cross, (1894); Russians and Japanese on, (1904); Russians defeated

Yama, Indian god

Yamabe, Prince; see Kwammu

-Akahito, poet

Yamabushi, priests

Yamada Tesshu, on Bushi

Yamaga Soko (1622-85), philosopher of bushido; Chinese teaching

Yamagata Daini (1725-67), executed; fore-runner of Restoration

Yamaguchi, Korean envoys come to; Xavier in; Jesuits leave; Christians in

Yamamoto support Southern Court

Yamana, family, joins Southern party; controls ten provinces; turns to Northern Court; crushed; rehabilitated; one of Five Regent Houses; holdings; Hosokawa; forces in Onin war, Western Army; "province holders"

--Mitsuyuki, in revolt against Northern Dynasty

--Mochitoyo, called Sozen, "Red Monk" (1404-73), gets Harima; great estate; in war on Hatakeyama; forces choice of Shiba Yoshikado as kwanryo; deserts Yoshimi; death

--Norikiyo receives province of Mimasaka

--Noriyuki, captures Shirahita

--Sozen see Yamana Mochitoyo

--Tokiuji (d. 1372), joins Ashikaga

--Ujikiyo rebels (1391) against the Ashikaga

Yamanobe, Princess

Yamanouchi, family name taken by Uesugi Yoshinori; feud with Ogigayatsu; join them against Hojo

Yamashina, Kamatari's residence

Yamashiro, Prince, candidate for throne in 629 and 641; suicide

Yamashiro, early shrine; campaign from, against Sujin; canal; meaning of name; school of painters (604 A.D.)

Yamato, expedition from Kyushu against; meaning of name, as used by Chinese; kindred race at time of conquest; retirement to Tsukushi; culture; physiognomy; relations with Caucasians; language; school of painting

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