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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Japanese victory over Chinese 1894 Yemishi


Prince, human sacrifices at burial of (2 A.D.)

Yamato-dake and Susanoo's sword; campaign against Yemishi; against Kumaso; a swan

Yamato Genji, branch of Minamoto

Oguna, earlier name of Yamato-dake

Yamazaki, battle of, (1282)

Ansai, follower of Chutsz; forerunner of Restoration

Yanaida Takasuke, estates

Yanagawa Seigan, Imperial restoration movement

Yanagisawa Yasuaki, or Yoshiyasu, (1658-1714), favourite of Tsunayoshi; dismissed by Ienobu

Yanamoto Kataharu in civil war of 1520

Yang-chou, taken by pirates (1556)

Yangtzuling, Russian defeat at

Yashima, battle, (1185)

Yashima, Japanese battleship lost off Port Arthur

Yaso, daughter of Emperor Reigen

Yasumaro see Ono Yasumaro

Year-period (Nengo), adoption of Chinese 645 A.D.; under two dynasties

Yedo, fort built (1456); capital of Kwanto; Franciscan mission; Hidetada; Bakufu; castle; nobles must reside in; rebuilt after fire; art centre; vendetta

forbidden; tree planting in; Kwanno Chokuyo's school; fires; degeneration, 18th century; vagabonds; prison; land offered to foreign traders; called Tokyo

Yellow Sea, Japanese victory over Chinese (1894)

Yemishi, early name of Ainu; Hirafu's expedition; description; Yamato-dake's expedition; captives called Saekibe; revolt in Kazusa; language, Siberian origin; migration; revolts

Yen, Pechili

Yengi-shiki, book of ceremonial law (927 A.D.)

Yen Hui, Chinese painter

Yenisei, Russian mining-transport, sunk by mine at Port Arthur

Yenomoto Takeaki, Viscount (1839-1909), admiral to the shogun, tries to set up republic in Yezo

Yezo, pit-dwellers' remains in; name related to Yoso; Yemishi in; Russians and Japanese clash in; Yenomoto's republic in

Yi Sun-sin, Korean admiral, defeats Japanese fleet

Yo-chang, prince of Kudara, defeats Koma (553), beaten by Shiragi

Yodo (Yamanouchi Yodo) (1827-72), feudatory of Tosa, memorial to shogun

Yodo, estate of

Yodo or Yodogimi, daughter of Asai Nagamasa and mother of Toyotomi Hideyori; civil party sides with; against Ieyasu; Ieyasu promotes quarrel between Katagiri Katsumoto and; intrigue through her sister; death

Yokohama, opened to American trade (1858)

Yoko-yama, castle of Nagamasa

Yolang, or Pyong-yang, Korea

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