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A History of the Japanese People by F. Brinkley

Chinese Emperor and year period


31st Emperor (586-7); Buddhism

Yomi, hades, compared to Indian Yama; identified with Yomi-shima, between Hoki and Izumo

Yorifusa see Tokugawa Yorifusa

Yoriiye see Minamoto Yoriiye

Yorimasa conspiracy (1180)

Yorinobu see Tokugawa Yorinobu

Yoritomo see Minamoto Yoritomo

Yoritsune see Fujiwara Yoritsune

Yoro, year-period, and legislation of

Yorozu, story of

Yoshida Kenko (1283-1350), recluse and poet, one of "four kings"

Shoin (1831-60), leader of anti-foreign and Imperial movement

Yoshifusa see Fujiwara Yoshifusa

Yoshiiye see Minamoto Yoshiiye

Yoshikage see Asakura Yoshikage

Yoshikawa, adherents of Southern Court

Yoshimasa see Ashikaga Yoshimasa

Yoshimi see Ashikaga Yoshimi

--nephew of Yoritomo

Yoshimine, princely uji

Yoshimitsu see Ashikaga Yoshimitsu


see Tokugawa Yoshimune

Yoshinaga (Norinaga), Prince, governor-general of O-U; in the Ashikaga revolt; see Go-Murakami

Yoshinaka see Minamoto Yoshinaka

Yoshinao see Tokugawa Yoshinao

Yoshino, in Yamato, Buddhist monastery at, rallying place for Furubito's followers; Prince Oama takes refuge at; rendez-vous of Go-Daigo's followers; in war of dynasties

Yoshino, cruiser lost off Port Arthur

Yoshinobu see Tokugawa Yoshinobu

Yoshisada see Nitta Yoshisada

Yoshisuke see Wakiya Yoshisuke

Yoshiteru see Murakami Yoshiteru

Yoshitsune see Miriamoto no Yoshitsune

Yoso, N. E. Korea, cradle of Yemishi

Yozei, 57th Emperor (877-84)

Yuasa support Southern Court

Yuge no Dokyo, priest, Koken's love for

Yui Shosetsu, leader in revolt of 1651

Yuki, branch of Fujiwara in Kwanto; persuade Shigenii to kill Noritada

--Munehiro, administrator in O-U

Yunglo, Chinese Emperor and year-period, 1403-22, called Eiraku in Japan

Yura, Strait of

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