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A Hero and a Great Man by Francis Kruckvich

And the freak just walked away


as the moon is the reason For waves in the ocean The change of the season Is the Earth in Her motion.

It is basic science. The sun could never hide. Our Earth is in complete reliance Of the Sun on every side. _________________________________________________________________

The girls were amazed At this great display of speech. Into the great mans eyes they gazed As he proceeded to teach.

A lesson he had taught Not unlike a story compiled From a borrowed thought With its author left reviled.

The freak was appalled Watching innocence beguiled. The girls were enthralled While the great man smiled.

Who was being deceived? The freak felt some dismay. The great man the girls believed. And the freak just walked away.

It seemed childish to contest. He saw no reason to fight. He thought best not to protest. Both of their answers were right.

Over time the great man grew To earn a great mans reputation. His words would cause much ado And even some speculation.

A few weeks quickly went by During which time came a threat. No rain had fallen from the sky, But the ground seemed to be wet. _________________________________________________________________

Water trickled like blood

from a gash. Soon the streets turned to mud. People could not walk without a splash. There was fear that the town would flood.

Slowly, this problem would develop. The water would continue to run. Eventually, the whole town it would envelop If something was not soon done.

Water does not feel sorrow nor care Wherever it trickles and roams. The people were becoming more aware, For it was soon in their homes.

To the great man the people went For some kind of solution. There must be a way to prevent Any further ground dilution.

The great man promised thus, To you I can assure, For any problem threatening us For sure there is a cure!

I will stop this silly little flood. Upon the great man you can rely. The ground may be covered in mud But, somewhere, must a solution lie!

In his office the great man sat Staring at the water on the floor. He knew not how to deal with that, But he knew there would be more. _________________________________________________________________

Desperately trying to think of a plan He repeatedly read the plaque on the wall, Here is a Great Man He will save us all!

The sparkling water had a sense of beauty As it reflected in the plaque. A painful reminder of his duty, A leader must never slack.

So, eagerly, he donned his heavy boots, And ventured forth for a walk Through a series of muddy routes, For to the people he must talk.

The great man noticed one man solitary As he trekked a turbid trail. To the woods with buckets he did carry In a struggling effort his home to bail.

Though his face he could not see, He knew that this man to be clever and brave. He could not dwell on who it could be For the great man had a town to save.

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