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A Hero and a Great Man by Francis Kruckvich

From the office the freak went


these words there was an arrow And it was pointing to the creek. The creek had begun to overflow. This was, no doubt, the source of the leak.

The freak was indeed happy to learn How the flood had been produced. He found the valve and gave it a turn. And the water immediately was reduced.

He went back up the muddy trail And told the people what he had done. But no one would believe his tale, Not a single, solitary one.

Afraid of being deceived, The people showed only doubt, Why should he be believed? What is he all about?

Skepticism and emotion Were sparked by the freaks word. His story caused quite a commotion, And the great man, of course, overheard. He said, I will solve this dispute. Whatever the problem, there must be a plan. Of the truth, we are in pursuit. A great problem requires a great man! _________________________________________________________________

Id like a word, please come with me, To the freak the great man said. The freak complied with his plea. To the great mans office he was led.

Once in his office, he closed the door. He could not wait to ask, What did you do, I want to hear more, About how you pursued this task.

As the freak began to describe The valve at the creek and slab of stone. The great man was not willing

to subscribe To this story by a man who lives alone.

The great man was in disbelief. He began to give the freak a speech. His talk was not short, nor was it brief. To the freak, a lesson he would teach.

He told the freak about being great, And that by his word he would rule. Being a master at debate, He made the freak look like a fool.

From the office the freak went, Stuck on the words the great man had said. He walked the path back home in resent, As the great mans voice he heard in his head.

Its obvious that the town is his. He could hear the people as he walked through. Who in the world does he think he is? He thinks he is a great man too! _________________________________________________________________

The farther he walked the angrier he became, To think that words could outshine skill. Great man, bah...what a name! Ill show them all, I will!

Into the forest, he marched in retaliation. He felt the need to settle the score. He could not bear this indignation. This town was not his home anymore.

He found again the slab of stone. He found again the valve by the creek. Never before had he felt so alone. Revenge now did he seek.

In his anger, he turned the valve back. The water began to overflow. He thought, for a moment, about this attack. Then he decided the people must know.

On the way back, he felt some guilt. His conscience was big and his mind was young. Upon action his existence was built. Once back in town, he held his tongue.

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