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A History of the Four Georges, Volume I

Spencer Chancellor of Exchequer


iv. 110. Paymaster-General,

iv. 252. Parr, Dr., opinion of Sheridan, iii. 217. Patents, petitions for, i. 190. "Patriots," i. 288, 296, 298. Frederick, Prince of Wales, and, ii. 50, 108, 110. In Opposition and power, ii. 242. Oppose borrowing from Sinking Fund, i. 309. Raise war cry, ii. 149, 157. Return to Commons, ii. 178. Secede from Commons, ii. 172. Struggle against Walpole, ii. 11. Patten, Rev. Robert, as King's evidence, i. 137. Peel, Sir Robert: At opening of Liverpool and Manchester railway, iv. 103. Attitude towards Catholic Emancipation, iv. 57, 68, 74, 75. Attitude towards Reform, iv. 152, 163. Declines to form Ministry, iv. 177. Free Trade and, iv. 52. Home Secretary, iv. 71, 103. Interview with King on Catholic emancipation, iv. 77. Measure on Irish Tithe System, iv. 245; Speech on, iv. 249. On claims of "Princess" Olivia, iv. 287. Prime Minister and Chancellor of Exchequer, iv. 238. Resigns office, iv. 113, 250. Speech on municipal reform, iv. 259, 260. Speech on Reform Bill, iv. 146. Summoned to form Ministry, iv. 235. Tamworth Address, iv. 240. Peerage Bill, object of, i. 174. Peers, creation of new, iv. 180. Pelham, Henry: Death, ii. 296. Letter to Duke of Cumberland, ii. 239. Paymaster, ii. 192. Prime Minister, ii. 244, 245. Pelham Ministry: Resign, ii. 244. Return to power, ii. 245. Penn, William, death, i. 179. Penny Post, London, i. 78. Pepys quoted
on Duchess of Cleveland, i. 23. Perceval, Spencer: Chancellor of Exchequer, iii. 341. Death, iii. 341. Regency Bill, iii. 341. Percy, Lord, commands reinforcements from Boston, iii. 174. Perry, presents petition of merchants against Spaniards, ii. 153. Perth, Duke of, ii. 223. Appeal to Macdonalds, ii. 225. Death, ii. 232. Perth, Jacobites retreat from, i. 128. Pestolozzi, Johann H., iv. 93. Peter the Great, character, i. 162. Peterborough, Lord, anecdote of, ii. 167. Philadelphia: Congress draws up Declaration of Rights, iii. 173. Evacuated, iii. 183. In hands of British, iii. 183. In 1765, iii. 77. Tea-ship at, iii. 161. Philip V. of Spain, ii. 28. Renounces French throne, i. 157. Phipps, Sir Constantine, removed from office of Chancellor, i. 98. Pitt diamond, ii. 54. Pitt Ministry (1766), members of, iii. 108. Pitt, Thomas, i. 105. M. P. for Okehampton, ii. 54. Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham: Accepts pension and barony for his wife, iii. 27. Advice to Prince of Wales, ii. 78. As War Minister, ii. 299; iii. 2, 27, 29. Character, iii. 186. Coalition against, iii. 26. Death, iii. 186. Denunciation of Walpole and Carteret, ii. 245. Illness, iii. 73, 108, 109. In House of Peers, iii. 109. Maiden speech, ii. 52, 55. On action of Boston people, iii. 161, 163. Paymaster-General, ii. 296. Protests against war with America, iii. 185. Quarrels with Temple, iii. 108. Refuses office, iii. 73, 93. Resigns office, iii. 27. Sketch of, ii. 54. Speech on Convention, ii. 171. Takes news of accession to George III., iii. 2. Takes office, ii. 274; iii. 108. Wilkes and, iii. 57. Pitt, William (the younger), iii. 211. Antagonism to Fox, iii. 225. Attacks Fox's India Bill, iii. 232. Attitude on Regency, iii. 243. Attitude towards Catholic Emancipation, iii. 308; iv. 53. Challenge to Ministry on Eastern possessions, iii. 230. Chancellor of Exchequer, iii. 225. Closing hours, iii. 338. Coalition against, iii. 26, 225. Contrasted with Fox, iii. 212. Death, iii. 339. Declines Vice-Treasurership of Ireland, iii. 224. Difficulties of Administration, iii. 240. Financial measures, iii. 239.

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