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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Fills offices with Federalists

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Aberdeen, Lord, Calhoun's reply to, 118

Abolitionists, Southern, no attempt to suppress, 132; hold Congress in Baltimore, 132; Northern, different attitudes of, 132; their hostility to the Union, 133; their sectional character, 133; Southern Abolitionism killed by, 133; anger of South against, 134; unpopularity of, in North, 135; acquiesce in Secession, 164

Adams, Francis, American Minister in London, 192; protests against the sailing of the _Alabama_, 192

Adams, John, opposed by Democrats for Vice-President, 57; chosen President by Electoral College, 62; his character and policy, 62-63; defeated by Jefferson, 63; refuses to receive Jefferson at the White House, 67; fills offices with Federalists, 67

Adams, John Quincey, leaves Federalist Party, 71; a candidate for the Presidency, 92; chosen President by House of Representatives, 94; appoints Clay Secretary of State, 95; unpopularity of his government, 96; defeated by Jackson, 96

Alabama secedes from the Union, 161

_Alabama_, the, built in Liverpool, 191; her devastations, 191; Great Britain declared responsible for, 192; compensation paid on account of, 192

justify;">Alexander I. of Russia wishes to intervene in America, 87

Aliens Law, 63

America, discovery of, 1; claimed by Spain, 3; English colonies in, 3; European intervention in, forbidden by Monroe Doctrine, 88. (_See also_ United States)

Anderson, Major, in command of Fort Sumter, 172; surrenders, 173

Andre, Major, relations of, with Arnold, 33; shot as a spy, 33

Antietam, Battle of, 189

Anti-Masonic Party formed, 112

Anti-Slavery Societies, Conference of, at Baltimore, 132; dissolve themselves, 227

Arkansas, only new Slave State possible under Missouri Compromise, 86; rejects Secession, 171; secedes, 175

Arizona acquired from Mexico, 122; open to Slavery, 126

Arnold, Benedict, career of, 32; treason of, 33; commands in South, 33

Arthur, President, succeeds Garfield, 229

Appomattox Court House, Lee's surrender at, 202

Atlanta, Georgia, Sherman moves on, 199; fate of, 200

Baltimore, Maryland, Congress of Anti-Slavery Societies meets in, 132; Douglas Democrats hold Convention at, 154; Union troops stoned in, 177

Baltimore, Lord, a Catholic, 4; founds colony of Maryland, 4; his family deposed, 5

Bank, United States, creation of, proposed by Hamilton, 56; opposition to, 56; constitutionality of, disputed, 56; Washington signs Bill for, 57; Supreme Court decides in favour of, 57; revived after War of 1812, 85; power--unpopularity of, 102-103; Jackson's attitude towards, 103; corrupt influence of, 103; Bill for re-charter of, passes Congress, 103; vetoed by Jackson, 103; Whig championship of, 105; elections adverse to, 105; Jackson removes deposits from, 106; its end, 106

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