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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Urges reinforcement of Fort Sumter


instrumental in supplying arms to the Colonists, 30

Beauregard, General, opposed to McDowell in Virginia, 180; commands at Bull Run, 180; rallies Southern troops, 180; attacks Grant at Shiloh, 184

Belgium, Prussian invasion of, 237

Black, Judge, supports the Union, 165; urges reinforcement of Fort Sumter, 172

Blaine, James G., implicated in Erie Railway scandal, 228; character of, 229; candidate for Presidency, 229-230; defeated by Cleveland, 230

Blair, Francis, saves Missouri for the Union, 176

Bland, Richard, appeals to "the Law of Nature," 16

Boon, Daniel, 71

Booth, John Wilkes, assassinates Lincoln, 208; death of, 208

"Border Ruffians," 143, 150

Boston, Mass., taxed tea thrown into harbour at, 17; evacuated by Colonists, 25; abandoned by British troops, 25; Slave Trade profitable to, 49; Hartford Convention resolves to meet again at, 82

"Boston Tea Party," the, 17, 18

Breckinridge, nominated for Presidency by Southern Democrats, 154; Southern support of, 155

Brown, John, character of, 143; his murders

in Kansas, 144; his project for a slave insurrection, 152; captures Harper's Ferry, 152; execution of, 153; repudiated by Republican Convention, 153; Lincoln on, 153, 208

Bryan, William J., nominated for Presidency, 234; defeated by McKinley, 234

Buchanan, James, elected President, 145; accepts Lecompton Constitution, 150; quarrels with Douglas, 150; weakness of, 158-159; his Message to Congress, 159; rejects advice of General Scott, 160; his divided Cabinet, 160; attempts to reinforce Fort Sumter, 172

Bull Run, first Battle of, 180-181; second Battle of, 187

Bunker's Hill, Battle of, 18

Burgoyne, General, commands British forces in Canada, 28; his plan, 28; his failure and surrender, 29

Burke, Edmund, inconsistency of, 15

Burnside, General, defeated by Lee at Fredericksburg, 192

Burr, Aaron, 65; Democratic candidate for the Vice-Presidency, 66; ties with Jefferson for the Presidency, 66; his intrigues with Federalists defeated by Hamilton, 66; elected Vice-President, 66; becomes an enemy of Jefferson, 67; candidate for Governorship of New York, 72; Hamilton's influence again defeats, 73; fights and kills Hamilton, 73; his plans regarding the West, 73-74; approaches Jackson, 74; Jackson on, 75; arrest and trial of, 75

Butler, Benjamin, instrumental in the impeachment of Johnson, 219; his character and career, 219

Calhoun, John Caldwell, superior to Clay as an orator, 79; in the running for the Presidency, 90; chosen Vice-President, 97; his connection with the Eaton affair, 97-98; his quarrel with Jackson, 98; defends Nullification, 99; compromises with Clay, 101; joins coalition against Jackson, 102; his attitude towards the Indians, 107; leaves the Whigs, 110; his transformation after quarrel with Jackson, 111; his advocacy of State Rights, 111; his defence of Slavery, 111, 134; appointed Secretary of State, 115; eager for annexation of Texas, 116; resists clamour for war with England, 117; his argument, 117; defends Slavery in despatch to Lord Aberdeen, 118; his action condemned by Northern Democrats, 118; not favoured for Presidency, 119; opposes war with Mexico, 121; advocates strictly defensive policy, 121; foresees consequences of large annexations, 121-122; opposes Compromise of 1850..128; his "Testament," 128; his death and epitaph, 128; influence of his defence of Slavery on Southern opinion, 134; Jefferson Davis succeeds to position of, 140

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