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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Democratic candidate for Presidency


acquired from Mexico, 122; gold discovered in, 123; decision of, to exclude Slavery, 123; Taylor advocates admission of, as a Free State, 125; admitted under Compromise of 1850..126

Canada, a French colony, 9; conquered by Great Britain, 10; Burgoyne commands in, 28; not disposed to join rebellion, 28; conquest of, hoped for, 80; rebellion in, 111

Canning, George, opposes European intervention in America, 87; suggests joint action by Great Britain and U.S., 88

Carnegie, Andrew, massacre of workmen by, 223

Carolinas, colonization of, 8; overrun by Cornwallis and Tarleton, 31. (_See also_ North and South Carolinas)

"Carpet-Baggers," 221, 224

Cass, General, Democratic candidate for Presidency, 125; Secretary of State under Buchanan, 160; for vigorous action against Secession, 160, 165

Catholics, reasons of first Stuarts for leniency to, 4; find a refuge in Maryland, 5; establish religious equality, 5; dispossessed of power, 5; New England dislikes tolerating, 38; "Know-Nothing" movement directed against, 138-139

Chancellorsville, Battle of, 192

Charles I. grants charter of Maryland, 4

Charles II. grants

William Penn charter for Pennsylvania, 7; grants charter of Carolinas to Hyde family, 8

Charleston, South Carolina, occupied by Cornwallis, 21; Democratic Convention meets at, 153; Breckinridge nominated at, 154; cheers election of Lincoln, 156; Fort Sumter in harbour of, 172; Negro demonstrations in, 222

Chatham, William Pitt, Earl of, directs war against France, 10; denounces employment of Indians, 28

Chattanooga, Battle of, 198

Cherokee Indians, problem of the, 107; Jackson's attitude towards, 107; removed beyond the Mississippi, 107

_Chesapeake_, the, duel with the _Shannon_, 80

Chickamauga, Battle of, 198

Chicago, Ill., Republican Convention meets at, 153

Chinese, immigration of, 230; Sumner's plea for, 230; exclusion of, 231

Civil War, the, not fought over Slavery, 162; motives of South, 163-164; case for North stated, 166-167; issue of, as defined by Lincoln, 167; progress of, 180-202

Clay, Henry, leader of "war hawks," 78; character of, 78-79; signs peace with Great Britain, 83; arranges Missouri Compromise, 85; a candidate for the Presidency, 91; deserted by the West, 95; supports Adams, 95; Secretary of State, 98; responsible for Protectionist policy, 100; seeks a compromise with Calhoun, 101; supports U.S. Bank, 105; crushing defeat of, 105; the appropriate Whig candidate for Presidency, 113; passed over for Harrison, 113; partial retirement of, 125; called upon to save the Union, 125; his last Compromise, 126-127; death of, 126, 129; Crittenden a disciple of, 160

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