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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Recommends amendments to the Constitution protecting slavery


Grover, elected President, 230; second election, 234

Clinton, Democratic candidate for Vice-Presidency, 57

Cobbett, William, on American prosperity, 37; supports Federalists, 59

Collectivism, alien to the American temper, 223

Colonies (_see_ English, French, Dutch, Spanish Colonies)

Columbia, South Carolina, burning of, 201

Columbia, district of, slavery legal in, 126; slave-trade abolished in, 126

Columbus, Christopher, discovers America, 1; American view of, 1; and the Renaissance, 2

Compromise of 1850, drafted by Clay, 126; supported by Webster, 127; opposed by Calhoun, 128; reasons for failure of, 129 _seq._; administered by a new generation, 139; Seward's speech on, 139

Compromises (_see_ Constitution, Crittenden, Missouri)

Confederate Debt, repudiation of, demanded, 204, 216

Confederate States, Constitution of, 169; Davis President of, 169; flag of, raised over Fort Sumter, 173; Kentucky declares war on, 178; military position of, 178-180; Congress of, summoned to meet at Richmond, 180; send Mason and Slidell to Europe, 182; blockaded 184; opportunity to make

peace offered to, 199; slavery dead in, 199, 203

Congress, how elected, 47; U.S. Bank secures, 103; recommends amendments to the Constitution protecting slavery, 168; opposed to policy of President Johnson, 214; committed to Negro Suffrage, 218

Connecticut, a Puritan colony, 5; accepts invitation to Hartford Convention, 81

Conscription, adopted by both sides in Civil War, 195; form of, imposed in the North, 195; New York City resists, 195

Constitution of United States not modelled on British, 45; essential principles of, 45-46; compromises of, 46-49; slavery protected by, 49, 162; opposition to, 51; publicly burnt by Garrison, 133; described by South Carolina as a "Treaty," 157; in relation to expansion, 234-235; amendments to, 54, 67, 161, 168, 203, 216, 228

Constitution of Confederate States, 169

Continental Congress, first meets, 19; issues "Declaration of Colonial Right," 19; meeting of, forbidden by British Government, 19; second meets, 19; issues a general call to arms, 19; resolves on separation from Great Britain, 21; adopts "Declaration of Independence," 24; moribund, 41; attempt to remodel fails, 43

Convention meets to frame Constitution, 42; Washington presides over, 42; debates of, 42; Jefferson absent from, 42, 54; difficulties confronting, 43; decisions of, 44-49

"Copperheads," name given to Northern Pacifists, 192; their futility, 193; Lincoln's policy regarding, 194-195; capture Democratic Party, 200

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