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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Supports Crittenden Compromise


Lord, invades South Carolina, 31; retreats to Yorktown, 34; surrender of, 34

Cotton industry in American colonies, 11; has nothing to gain from Protection, 85, 98, 157

Cowpens, Battle of, 32

Crawford, William, of Georgia, a candidate for the Presidency, 91-92

Creek Indians, descend on South-West, 81; Jackson overthrows, 82; take refuge in Florida, 87; pursued by Jackson, 87

Crittenden, Senator, a disciple of Clay, 160; proposes his compromise, 160; his compromise unacceptable to Lincoln, 161; rejected, 161

Cuba, Lincoln fears filibustering in, 161; American sympathy with insurrection in, 234; at disposal of U.S., 234; abandoned, 235

Czolgosz, assassinates McKinley, 235

Davie, cavalry leader, 32; at Battle of Hanging Rock, 32

Davis, Jefferson, of Mississippi, successor of Calhoun, 140; on extension of Slavery, 144-145; elected President of the Confederacy, 169; his qualifications and defects, 169-170; an obstacle to peace, 199; believes Slavery dead, 199, 203; relieves Johnstone of his command, 200; accused of complicity with Lincoln's murder, 209; his retort on Johnson, 209; never brought to trial, 217

justify;">"Declaration of Colonial Right," 19

"Declaration of Independence," drafted by Jefferson, 22; quoted, 22; its implications, 23-24; Slave Trade condemned in original draft, 48-49; Slavery inconsistent with, 148; misinterpreted by Douglas, 151; misunderstood by Sumner, 205-207; invoked by Sumner in favour of Chinese, 232

De Grasse, in command of French fleet, 34

Delaware, acquired from Dutch, 7; small slave population of, 176

Democracy, in English colonies, 13, 16; theory of, 23-24; application of, in America, 36-37; unjust charges against, 65; characteristic of the West, 92; Jackson's loyalty to, 93; its true bearing on the Negro problem, 206-207; effect of, on corruption, 229

Democratic Party, name ultimately taken by followers of Jefferson, 57; organization of, under Jackson, 96, 108; unwise attacks on Harrison by, 113-114; refuses to come to rescue of Tyler, 115; chooses Polk as Presidential candidate, 119; holds Convention at Charleston, 153; split in, 154; captured by "Copperheads," 200; defeated by trickery in 1876, 225, 229; returns Cleveland, 230; unites with Populists in support of Bryan, 234; returns Wilson, 236

Donelson, Fort, captured by Grant, 183

Douglas, Stephen, on Slavery, 130, 141; Senator for Illinois, 140; character of, 140-141; motives of, 141-142; introduces Kansas-Nebraska Bill, 142; his doctrine of "Popular Sovereignty," 142; upsets Missouri Compromise, 142; results of his policy, 143-144; accepts Dred Scott decision, 147; rejects Lecompton Constitution, 150; his Quarrel with Buchanan, 150; his contest with Lincoln, 150; debates with Lincoln, 151-152; rejected by the South, 153; nominated for Presidency, 154; defeat of, 155; supports Crittenden Compromise, 160; his patriotism, 174; present at Lincoln's inauguration, 174; his last campaign and death, 174

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