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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

101 Forty Seven Forty or Fight


Riots in New York, 195

Dred Scott decision delivered by Taney, 146; its implications, 146-147; rejected by Republicans, 147; accepted by Douglas, 147; fatal to "Popular Sovereignty," 147; necessitates an amendment to Constitution, 161

Dutch colonies in America, 7

Eaton, Major, in Jackson's Cabinet, 97; marriage of, 97; Calhoun accused of wishing to ruin, 98

Eaton, Mrs., charges against, 97; boycott of, 97; Jackson takes part of, 97-98

Electoral College, original theory of, 46; responsible for choice of Adams, 62; tie between Jefferson and Burr in, 66; figment of, destroyed, 96; Lincoln's majority in, 155

Emancipation Proclamation, decision to issue after Antietam, 189; Lincoln's defence of, 191; effect abroad, 191

Embargo, imposed by Jefferson, 76; withdrawn, 77

Emerson on John Brown, 153

England and Spain, 3. (_See also_ Great Britain)

English colonies in America, 3; French attempt to hem in, 9; economic position of, 10-12; government of, 12-13; democracy in, 13; proposal to tax, 14-15, 17; attitude of, 16-17; unite, 19; declare their independence, 22; France forms alliance with,

30; independence of, recognized by Great Britain, 35; internal revolution in, 36

"Era of Good Feeling," 86, 90

Erie Railway scandal, 228, 229

Erskine, British Minister at Washington, 77

Everett, nominated as candidate for Presidency, 154; Border States support, 155

Farragut, Admiral, takes New Orleans, 186

_Federalist, The_, established to defend the Constitution, 51; Hamilton and Madison contribute to, 51

Federalist Party, support a National Bank, 57; sympathies of, with England against France, 59; pass Alien and Sedition Acts, 63; Burr's intrigues with, 66, 72; oppose Louisiana Purchase, 70; suicide of, 71

Fessenden, Senator, on Charles Sumner, 205

Fifteenth Amendment, effect of, 228

Filmore, Millard, succeeds Taylor as President, 125; his succession favourable to Clay, 126

Florida, British land in, 82; Jackson expels British from, 82; acquired by U.S., 86-87; secedes from Union, 161; Negro government of, makes fraudulent return, 225

Floyd, Secretary for War under Buchanan, 160; his sympathy with secession, 160; his distribution of the U.S. armament, 179

Force Bills, demanded by Jackson, 100; supported by Webster, 101; precedence for, insisted on, 101; signed by Jackson, 101; nullified by South Carolina, 101

"Forty-Seven-Forty-or-Fight," 117, 120

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