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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Rejected and defeated by Douglas


problem in America, 232; influence in American Socialism, 233

Johnson, Andrew, elected Vice-President, 200; becomes President, 209; accuses Davis of complicity in murder of Lincoln, 209; Davis's retort on, 209; bitterness of, against Confederate leaders, 209; his difficulties and defects, 210; his electioneering campaign, 218; vetoes Reconstruction Bill, 218; impeachment of, 218; acquittal of, 218

Johnstone, General Joseph E., in Shenandoah Valley, 180; joins Beauregard at Bull Run, 180; eludes McClellan, 186; contests Sherman's advance, 199; relieved of his command, 200; Lee attempts to effect a junction with, 201; surrenders to Sherman, 213

Kansas, sectional quarrels in, 143; constitution for, adopted at Lecompton, 150

Kansas-Nebraska Bill introduced by Douglas, 141; doctrine of "Popular Sovereignty" introduced into, 142; effect of, in Kansas, 143; Republican Party formed to oppose, 145

Kentucky, protest of, against Alien and Sedition Laws, 63-64; opened to colonization by Boon, 71; Lincoln a native of, 147; proclaims "neutrality" in Civil War, 177; Lincoln's diplomatic treatment of, 177-178; her soil violated by Confederates, 178; declares war on Confederacy, 179

Kentucky Resolutions, 63-64

justify;">"Know-Nothing" party, 138-139

Ku-Klux-Klan, organization and methods of, 223; Act passed to put down, 224; its work done, 224

Labour Unions, 223; movement not Collectivist, 223; hostility of, to the Trusts, 223-224

Lafayette, the Marquis de, comes to America, 34

Lawrence, Free Soil settlement of, burnt, 143

Lecompton Constitution framed, 150; accepted by Buchanan, 150; rejected and defeated by Douglas, 150

Lee proposes separation from Great Britain, 22

Lee, Robert E., sent by Davis to the Crimea, 170; sounded as to accepting command of Federal forces, 175; refuses, 176; resigns his commission, 176; accepts Virginian command, 176; on Slavery, 176; opposed to Secession, 176; his view of State Rights, 176-177; defeats McClellan, 186; defeats Pope, 187; invades Maryland, 187; his proclamation, 189; fights McClellan at Antietam, 189; retires into Virginia, 189; defeats Hooker at Chancellorsville, 192; defeats Burnside at Fredericksburg, 192; invades Pennsylvania, 196; defeated at Gettysburg, 196; gets back unhammered, 196; outmanoeuvres Grant, 198; fights in the Wilderness, 198; his proposal to recruit Negroes, 199; effect of Sherman's march on, 201; attempts to join Johnstone, 201; surrenders to Grant, 202; his views on Fourteenth Amendment, 217

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