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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Refuses to supersede McClellan


the_, founded by Garrison, 133; Lincoln denounced by, 148

Lincoln, Abraham, joins Republican Party, 147; his career and character, 148-149; his contest with Douglas, 150; debates with Douglas, 151; chosen candidate for the Presidency, 153; elected President, 155; objects to Crittenden Compromise, 161; South ignorant of character of, 163-164; defines issue of Civil War, 167; his Inaugural Address, 168-169; his policy, 171-172; sends supplies to Fort Sumter, 172; calls for soldiers, 174; returns Mason and Slidell, 183; refuses to supersede McClellan, 185; replaces McClellan by Pope, 187; effect of his personality on Maryland, 188; decides to issue Emancipation Proclamation, 189; his reply to Greeley, 190; defends proclamation as a military measure, 191; on Grant, 196-197; appoints Grant commander-in-chief, 197; prepared to compensate Southern slave owners, 199; re-elected, 199; opposition of Radicals to, 200; his policy of Reconstruction, 204; on Negro Suffrage, 204; last public speech, 207; assassinated, 208; his advantages lacked by Johnson, 210

"Little Giant, the," nickname of Stephen Douglas, 140

Longfellow on John Brown, 153

Long Island, Battle of, 27

Look-Out Mountain, Battle of, 198

Louisiana, a French colony,

9; ceded to Spain, 10; re-ceded to Napoleon, 68; bought by U.S., 68; Burr's plans regarding, 73-74; secedes from the Union, 161; Lincoln's plan for reconstruction of, 204; Negro government of, makes fraudulent returns, 225

Lovejoy, killed, 135

Lowell, James Russell, expresses sentiments of Anti-War Whigs, 121; his satire on Taylor's candidature, 124

_Lusitania_, the, sunk, 238

Lyon, Captain, commands Union forces in Missouri, 176

Macaulay on Calhoun's dispatch, 118

McClellan, General, sent to Crimea by Davis, 170; clears West Virginia of Confederates, 181; supersedes McDowell, 181; trains army of the Potomac, 185; his defects, 185; lands on Yorktown peninsula, 186; besieges Yorktown, 186; beaten by Lee, 186; retires to Harrison's Landing, 186; superseded, 187; reinstated, 189; fights Lee at Antietam, 189; Democratic candidate for the Presidency, 200; defeat of, 200

McDowell, General, advances into Virginia, 180; defeated at Bull Run, 180-181; superseded, 181; ordered to join McClellan, 186; fails to cut off Jackson, 186

McKinley, William, elected President, 234; re-elected, 235; assassinated, 235

McLane, Jackson's Secretary to the Treasury, 104; favourable to the U.S. Bank, 104; transferred to State Department, 106

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