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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Violated by Kansas Nebraska Bill


James, a member of the Convention, 42; writes for the _Federalist_, 51; President, 77; his pacific leanings, 78; war forced on, 79; re-elected by sectional vote, 79

Maine, colonized from New England, 5; admitted as a State, 86

_Maine_, the, blown up, 234

March to the Sea, Sherman's, 201

Maryland, founded by Lord Baltimore, 4; early history of, 5; strategic importance of, 177; menacing attitude of, 177; Lincoln's success with, 177; Lee invades, 187; Southern illusions concerning, 188; refuses to rise, 188-189; becomes a Free State, 203

"Maryland! My Maryland!" 188

Mason-Dixon Line drawn, 7; becomes boundary of Slave States, 41

Mason and Slidell, Confederate envoys to Europe, 182; seized by Captain Wilkes, 182; English anger over seizure of, 183; Northern rejoicings over, 183; returned by Lincoln, 183

Massachusetts, a Puritan Colony, 5; resists Tea Tax, 17; charter of, revoked, 18; attempt to coerce, 25; Hartford Convention called by, 81; votes for War with Mexico, 120; Webster's influence with, 127; Sumner Senator for, 139; troops from, stoned in Baltimore, 177

Maximilian, placed on Mexican throne, 213; his death,


_Mayflower_, the, voyage of, 5

Meade, General, defeats Lee at Gettysburg, 196; permits him to retire unhammered, 196

_Merrimac_, the, exploits of, 184; duel with the _Monitor_, 184

Mexican War, outbreak of, 120; compared to Boer War, 120-121; opposition to, 121; successful prosecution of, 122; results of, 122-123

Mexico, Texas secedes from, 115; dispute with, over Texan boundary, 120; U.S. goes to war with, 120; Calhoun opposes invasion of, 121; defeat of, 122; peace terms dictated to, 122; Lincoln fears filibustering in, 161; Napoleon III. interferes in, 213

Mexico City taken, 120

Ministers, excluded from Congress, 45

Missionary Ridge, charge up, 198

Mississippi, Davis Senator for, 140; secedes from Union, 161

Mississippi River, upper, secured by Grant's victories, 184; whole in Federal control, 196

Missouri, disputes regarding admission of, 85; admitted as a Slave State, 86; settlers from, invade Kansas, 143, 150; defeat of Secessionists in, 176; becomes a Free State, 203

Missouri Compromise effected, 86; terms of, 86; validity of, disputed, 142; violated by Kansas-Nebraska Bill, 142; party formed to defend, 143; declared invalid, 147

Missouri Whisky Ring, 228

_Monitor_, the, duel with the _Merrimac_, 184

Monroe, James, a member of the War Party, 78; President, 84; declares European intervention unfriendly to U.S., 88; last of the Virginian dynasty, 91

Monroe Doctrine, propounded, 88; keystone of American policy, 88-89; application to Texas, 118; Napoleon III. violates, 213

Monterey, defeat of Mexicans at, 120; Davis wounded at, 140

Morgan, murder of, 112

Napoleon I., obtains Louisiana, 68; sells to U.S., 68; Jefferson's attitude towards, 76

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