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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

117 Palmetto Flag of South Carolina


attitude of, 98-99; miscalculate Jackson's temper, 100; Jackson proposes to coerce, 100; Jackson's warning against, 102

Ohio, invaded by British, 80

"Old Hickory," nickname of Andrew Jackson, 93, 113

Oregon, dispute concerning territory of, 117; outcry for war over, 117; Calhoun on disadvantages of war over, 117

"Palmetto Flag" of South Carolina, 158

Parliament, claim of, to tax the colonies, 14 _et seq._

Party System, unreality necessary to a, 137

Penn, William, founds Pennsylvania, 7; establishes religious equality, 8; his treaty with the Indians, 8; disapproves of Slavery, 12

Pennsylvania, founded by Penn, 7; cleared of the French, 10; Slavery legal in, 12; Washington retreats into, 28; "Whisky Insurrection" in, 61; invaded by Lee, 196

Pensacola, British occupy, 82; dislodged from, 82

Perry, Commander, burns British fleet on the Lakes, 80

Personal Liberty Laws passed in certain Northern States, 136; disposition to repeal, 163

Personal Rights Bill, Sumner's, 214

Philadelphia, capital of Pennsylvania,

8; abandoned by Washington, 28; Convention meets at, 42

Philippine Islands, left at disposal of U.S., 234; annexed, 235

Phillips, Wendell, on Secession, 164

Pickett's Brigade, charge of, 196

Pierce, Franklin, elected President, 139; Sumner compares Grant to, 213

Pinckney, of South Carolina, a member of the Convention, 42

Pinkerton, private assassinators hired by, 233

Polk, chosen as Democratic candidate for Presidency, 119; elected, 120; embarrassed over Oregon question, 120; decides for war with Mexico, 120; asks for supply to purchase Mexican territory, 122

Pope, General, succeeds McClellan, 187; defeated at second Battle of Bull Run, 187

Populist Party, objects of, 234; supports Bryan, 234

President, powers of, 45; method of election, 46; effect of Jacksonian Revolution on position of, 109

Progressive Party formed by Roosevelt, 236

Protection adopted after War of 1812..84; Cotton States opposed to, 85, 98; Republican Party and tradition of, 227

Prussia forces war on Europe, 237; attacks neutral Belgium, 237; sinks _Lusitania_, 238; revives campaign of murder at sea, 239; contrasted with U.S., 239

Puritan Colonies in America, 5-6; dislike of Catholicism in, 38; feeling against Irish, 138-139

Quebec, taken by Wolfe, 10

Quincey, Josiah, protest of against Louisiana Purchase, 70

Radical Republicans, Chase favoured by, 153; adopt Fremont as candidate, 200; oppose Lincoln on Reconstruction, 204; Sumner spokesman of, 205; still a minority, 211; increased power in Congress, 218; commit Congress to Negro Suffrage, 218

Raleigh, Sir Walter, projects Colony of Virginia, 3-4

Randolph, John, draws up declaration of neutrality, 59

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