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A History of the United States by Cecil Chesterton

Contemplated at Hartford Convention


Peyton, presides at first Continental Congress, 19; absent from second, 20

Reconstruction, Lincoln's views on, 204; Congress takes up, 216; Bill passed by Congress over Johnson's veto, 218. (_See also_ Negro Rule)

Religious Equality, established in Maryland, 5; in Pennsylvania, 8; true theory of, 36-38; in American Constitution, 38

"Republican" original name of Jefferson's party, 57. (_See also_ Democratic Party)

Republican Party formation of, 145; Fremont Presidential candidate of, 145; adopts Lincoln as candidate, 153; victory of, 155; Johnson out of touch with, 209; reasons for supporting Negro rule, 224; secures Presidency by a trick, 225; change in character of, 227-228; abandons cause of Negro, 228; becomes Capitalist party, 228; Roosevelt's efforts to reform, 235

Revolution of 1689 transfers government of Maryland to Protestants, 5; Hamilton's admiration for, 54

Revolution, French (_see_ French Revolution)

Rhode Island, a Puritan Colony, 5; provisional acceptance of invitation to Hartford Convention, 81

Richmond, Virginia, capital of Confederacy transferred to, 176; Confederate Congress to meet at, 180; Northern demand for capture of, 180; abandoned by

Lee, 201

Rochambeau, co-operates with Washington against Cornwallis, 34

Rockingham Whigs, repeal Stamp Act, 16; conclude peace, 35

Roosevelt, Theodore, elected Vice-President, 235; succeeds McKinley, 235; his campaign against Trusts, 235; popularity of, 235; denounces his successor, 236; founds Progressive Party, 236; wishes U.S. to join Allies, 238

Rosecrans, General, defeated at Chickamauga, 198

San Francisco, Republican Convention at, 236

Saratoga, Burgoyne's surrender at, 29; effect of, 29-30

"Scallywags," 221

Scotch-Irish, immigration of, 8-9

Secession, contemplated at Hartford Convention, 81; talked of in South Carolina, 123; of South Carolina, 158; of Gulf States, 161; motives, of, 163-164; Northern views of, 164; Abolitionists favour, 164; Greeley on, 164; Jacksonians oppose, 165; a popular movement, 166; Lincoln denies right of, 160; Douglas resists, 174; of Virginia, etc., 176

Sedition Law, 63

Seminole Indians, Jackson pursues, 87

Senate, how chosen, 47; Whig majority in, 106; refuses to confirm appointment of Taney, 106; censures Jackson, 106; Censure expunged, 107; Northern majority in, 163

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